Mosquitoes tends to survive in hot and humid weather and now since summer is approaching it is very important to prevent your household from mosquitoes. Gone are the days where mosquito repellents are used at home to prevent mosquitoes from biting your family thereby transmitting malaria from one person to another. Naturally, these repellents were very active and prevents mosquito bites. But recent research shows that the repellent contains harmful chemicals which can be spread when spraying the repellent or rubbing it on the skin. It may spread to drinking water at home causing serious illness which may lead to death or skin diseases.

Effective Chemical Free Mosquito Repellents

It may damage your soil composition rendering your agricultural products useless in case you are farmer looking to harvest agricultural products on the farm. A thorough research was carried out to find alternative ways of combating mosquitoes without causing harm to human beings. So an effective chemical free Mosquito repellent was manufactured to reduce the chemical exposures.

There are various to create chemical free mosquito repellent, very easy and simple to create, you do not need harmful chemicals which can later cause severe illness to you and your family. Today, people prefer using homemade mosquito repellent because they are proven safe and effective. One way to formulate is to put some water into a white plate. Then, put some lemon drops of joy dishwashing liquid soap. Place this solution where you take a seat. Mosquitoes that will come to near to your homemade mosquito repellent will drop dead on the plate or even somewhere near the repellent.

Another way of making this repellent is through mixing catnip oil with a little grain alcohol. The mixture will work best is placed in a mister to serve as a spray repellent. Aside from homemade repellent, you should also bring with you some mosquito fabrics that will also serve as your protection from mosquitoes.

Many people choose to use and create homemade mosquito repellent because of some reasons. Apart from it is less expensive than the ones in the market, they are tested and also proven effective compared to other mosquito repellent. Yet, the most important advantage of using this homemade repellent is the fact that you are hundred percent sure that the repellent is free from any harmful chemicals which can harm your health. Hence, there is no possibility that you will have skin allergies or any skin irritations after using this natural repellent.

Another simple way is trying to keep every food item sealed of covered. Mosquitoes gets attracted towards anything that has high sugar content so never leave grapes, rotten banana, peeled oranges or an open can of soda laying inside the house. Use covered dustbins as they can become attraction for mosquitoes and other airborne pests.

 Another simple and effective chemical free mosquito repellent is by using a trap called Zappers. This is an electrical instrument coupled with electrical strings which kills mosquitoes immediately it steps on the strings.    Since they are electric they don’t use any harsh chemicals and are quite effective. However, great caution need to be taken when using the Zappers especially if you have kids in the house, you need to keep it out of the reach of kids.

So, if you do not want to put your health at risk in using mosquito repellents which are usually use to get rid of mosquitoes, making use of a chemical free mosquito repellent is recommended for you.