Our website is simply our storefront and we should be able to communicate through it properly. When starting running our business website, we should make sure that it can appeal people in less than three seconds. If we are still struggling with this, then our business may still not be suitable for marketing purposes. We should consider whether it is necessary to go a few step backs, especially if we haven’t clearly defined the true value of our website. In fact there’s a possibility that we are simply in the wrong niche. The focus of this article isn’t about technical issues, but about running our website from business perspective. Before running our website for the first time, we should know whether there are things we need to avoid. As an example flashing banner are annoying for customers and pop ups can be a pain. Inappropriate design elements in our website could make it looks like something similar to cheap affiliate websites. It would be difficult for people to see whether we are really an expert in our niche. Free-books are nice, but they are increasingly more commonplace.

Newsletters are quite common too and they could become something similar to sales letters. We should consider that potential customers need to get direct information. In this case, they should get newsletters auto-responder. So, why not make essential information available to them? We need to know why we should stay in a website and whether it is really necessary. We could begin writing articles; just one important article that people would really like to read and contains all the important details. This step can be very essential for many reasons. First, we can submit our articles on a separate blog or article directories and put our backlink to the main webpage. This should help us improve the overall search engine rankings. This is a basic and very effective technique of generating traffic to our website. However, search engine ranking shouldn’t be the primary reason we write articles. We should always continue researching our niche and industry to know what people want from us. This should allow us better understand our values in the market from customers’ perspective.

Continuous market researches could translate into continuous changes that can help improve our present values to the customer. We can also add more content to our website and we could promote our knowledge base in the niche. However, writing articles may take time, so we should make sure that each article could deliver us something significant and useful. But guess what, building an effective and highly successful online home business itself may take plenty of time. We are simply in the wrong industry, if we are just trying to make some quick buck. Many successful online entrepreneurs initially need to learn the hard way. They made mistakes and eventually find effective way to gain sizable profits.