There is ample evidence which clearly states why cryptocurrencies have become so popular among the masses. The most obvious reason is that they are completely decentralized, anonymous, and inherently safe. Not a single authority or regulatory body controls the flow of cryptocurrencies in the world. Thereby, this inbuilt decentralization mechanism is what makes cryptocurrency a free entity. The only variable which drives the values of cryptocurrency is the equilibrium-disturbance caused by the demand supply binary. There is the least probability that these cryptocurrencies can ever be counterfeited and this is all due to the intricate algorithmic code of systems which encrypt each transaction, thereby ensuring a 360-degree anonymity and fool-proof security for every end-user present within the Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies have grown in magnanimous proportions and these digital assets are being utilized all around the world. Financial experts from time to time have shown their enthusiasm regarding the imminent future of the Blockchain in general and cryptocurrency in particular. Innovations in the recent times such as Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Dashcoin, and Bitcoin are all set to revolutionize the cosmos. There is no dearth of opportunities in the space in which these cryptocurrencies operate.

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The growth of cryptocurrencies has attracted investors and miners alike as digital transactions become popular by the day, thus increases the demand for mining. Cloud mining as a service entails low costs, simply owing to the fact that one does not have to purchase a specialized hardware to mine cryptocurrencies. With an effective rental hash rate that comes at a minimal cost, miners can easily participate in the mining process.

HashGains is a promising venture of Futuristic Internet Service LLC, backed by Cyfuture. With over 1500 skilled professionals who make up the workforce, the parent company Cyfuture has more than 15 years of experience in the Data Centre Industry and is currently serving 10 Fortune 500 Clients. The company offers a wide range of cryptocurrency cloud mining facilities, including Bitcoin mining, Ethereum mining, Monero mining, Dash mining, Zcash mining, and the like.

HashGains believes in the power of green energy and plans to set up its mega cloud mining data centers in India and Canada with a cumulative capacity of 75 Mega Watts. These two data centers will effectively run on renewable resources such as solar and wind power. As a preliminary step to capital fundraising, HashGains will launch its ICO token sale from 26th January 2018. HashGains expects a collection of $30 million from its ICO trade that comprises of a presale and a two-tier main sale. HashGains looks forward to creating its own mining pool with a hash rate of 100 PH/s and intends to become one of the top 10 Bitcoin mining pools in the world.

The ICO Token Presale will start from 26th January. The total tokens offered is 10,000,000. For every HashGains token purchased during the presale, you get a 30% discount. The real price of the token is $1, but you can get it for $0.70. The presale is subsequently followed by the real event which is actually a two-tier sale. The overall number of tokens offered for Tier-1 is 10,000,000 (until sold), while the total number of tokens offered in Tier-2 is 15,000,000 (until sold). Buyers will get a 20% discount and purchase each token at $0.80 during Tier-1. No concessions are valid for the second-tier sale and each token will be charged at $1. Tier-1 starts on 17th February 2018 and ends on 4th March 2018. Tier-2 starts on 10th March 2018 and ends on 25th March 2018. This is a lucrative offer as you get an additional incentive of free hashing power. For every 10 tokens bought during all the three distinct sale periods, purchasers get 1 GH/s of Bitcoin Cash hash power or 1 GH/s of Bitcoin hash power for 2 years starting from the date of purchase. The remaining coins from the Presale as well as the Main Sale will be traded at $1.25 after the final conclusion of the ICO crowdfunding.