Are you thinking that it might be time for you to sell your house? Before you begin and list it on the market, take some time to think about what needs to be done from a marketing standpoint.  It can be easy to think that all you need to do is put your house on a listing website, but that is not true.  You need to develop a solid marketing plan to get your home in front of the right prospective buyers. In order to sell your house at a good price, your marketing plan needs to have the following.

Developing A Marketing Plan To Sell Your House

Establish Your Home’s Value

A good starting point is your home’s value since that is an essential part of your marketing plan.

Your home’s value will determine how competitive your house is with the other listings from your neighborhood and what your chances are for selling it.  This will also help you recognize what kind of buyer is going to be looking for your house.

Start to compare prices and make sure yours are in line with the other homes that are available on the market.  That is how you as a property owner will start to build your marketing plan.


A majority of prospective buyers will only take a couple of seconds to determine whether or not they are interested in taking the time on your house.  At times that might seem unfair, however, it is the reality and if your goal is selling your home then you won’t want to ignore it.  Part of your overall marketing strategy should be to hire a professional photographer.

Your goal should be for the photographer to take beautiful pictures using angles that make your property appear large.  That will be the first impression you make to get people to want to take a closer look at your home.  They will just move on to a different option if they are not impressed.

Notify The Realtors In Your Local Area  

Your marketing plans should incorporate local resources including realtors commercial real estate Dayton Ohio who will eagerly want to offer your new listing to their clients.  You can make it easy for them.  They might have a buyer who is ready to buy.   You will be giving a new option to them that they can offer to their clients. That is what is important, and it will allow them to do marketing for you.  This is something that should definitely be part of your strategy.

Put Into Listing And Website Directories 

This is a basic and mandatory option for selling your house.  Your listing needs to be on a website that is accessible online.  A majority of realtors have their own websites, so after you contact them you will be able to put your listing there.  It is also important for your house to be listed in a local area directory.

That is where a majority of people will go to check out all of the options that are available to them.  That is why you need to have your property there listed with photos and all of the relevant details.

Social Media Integration

Property owners used to ignore social media since it didn’t appear to be a very good use of their time.  However, that is not true any longer.  In fact, the owners who do make use of social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have a tendency to do better.  To maximize your visibility in the marketplace you can also use YouTube and Instagram. People like to get a sense of the quality of the property and that is one way you can offer that.  It is a great value and something you definitely want to take advantage of. Social media integration is an absolute must.

Maintain Availability

Most people really don’t realize that being available as a seller is actually part of your marketing plan.  It is important to make it clear that the email or all will be answered.  If not, then people will not be interested, and it will hurt your chances of being able to make a sale.  You need to know what people want and then be available to them.  A good marketing plan will, in the end, come down to being available throughout the entire selling process.  You cannot assume that your house will sell itself because it won’t.

Set A Schedule For Your Open House

Getting an open house schedule developed is part of a comprehensive marketing plan.  You will be listing this schedule along with your listing and it is important.  People like seeing a schedule listed so that they can visit at a time that is convenient for them.

Open houses are a strategy that works very well

It gives people the opportunity to see the inside of your home, so they can have a good idea of what they would be getting.  It makes it easy for them to visit, take a look inside, and make an offer.  You need to get a clear-cut schedule prepared as soon as possible.

Emphasize Your Target Audience

Each kind of property has an audience and for any market this is important. Who is your home suited for?  Who will want your property?  Is it an investor who wants to earn a rental income?  How about a retired couple wanting to purchase their last house?  Or maybe it’s a young couple looking for a safe neighborhood?

It all comes down to knowing who your target audience is and then marketing effectively to them.  Using the above tips is how you will develop a solid marketing plan that can bring in qualified new leads that will ultimately result in a sale.  It isn’t easy to begin marketing without knowing what is needed and what you need to do to get the most value from it.  Some homeowners don’t invest as much into their marketing plans as they should, and that can hurt their progress.  Selling your house involves keeping your finger on the plus and getting your marketing process as streamlined as possible.  That is how you will sell it in a timely manner.