If you are considering the purchase of a heating system for your pool, you may have seen advertisements for solar pool covers and wondered if they work as promised. A solar cover is almost always recommended by pool heat pump sellers as they provide a lot of advantages for swimming pool owners.

Pool Covers

A solar cover is also referred to as a solar blanket, it looks like a large sheet of plastic, resembles bubble wrap and lies on top of your swimming pool. You have many options available when purchasing a solar cover with many color choices, thicknesses and sizes available.

How does a solar cover work The heat loss in a swimming pool is through evaporation, in fact 75% is simply lost this way. By using a solar cover you minimize the heat loss from evaporation because the solar cover acts as a barrier between the water in the pool and the air. So you can effectively reduce the cost of heating your swimming pool by up to 70% by using a solar cover.

How do I shape a pool cover Match the dimensions of your solar cover to the longest and widest points of your swimming pool. Then simply lay the cover on your pool and trim with a pair of scissors to fit your pool shape exactly.

How much does a pool cover cost Prices can vary widely, with the price being dependent on the size, thickness and color of the cover. Most covers are available between $50 and $300.

How long does a solar cover last Over time, your solar cover will deteriorate and will need to be replaced when it starts to flake and bubbles begin to fall off of it. Most will last about 3 years, although some will need to be replaced more frequently. Utilizing a solar cover and the advantages of the return lies in your pool as another way of preventing evaporation as well as distributing the warm water throughout your pool quickly and more effectively. New technology is changing things up and other ways of preventing evaporation may soon be available. Consider the lifespan, price and effectiveness of solar covers the cost savings to heat your pool make it a good investment for pool owners. So yes pool covers do work and should be considered when you weigh the price of purchasing one against the savings of heating your pool.