The word “injury” can be defined in various ways, on the basis of various fundamental principles and interpretations, by various aspects of our society.  Hence, if we define an injury in terms of laws associated with workers’ compensation, then there are several kinds of physical as well as mental damages apart from on-job accidents and trauma, which are very much compensable in nature.

Injury claim

Nevertheless, they must be connected to the conditions and requirements of a victim’s occupation in some or the other way. Today, in various organizations, employees are instructed to carry insurance for workers’ compensation. This helps them a lot when any injury related to their job occurs to them and results in the loss of their earnings and other facilities. However, before that, you must know that only an injury related to your job will be compensable to you.

Work-related injuries

Work-related injuries are those injuries, which happen, when an individual is doing their job on the side of their employer, and representing him/her during the progression of their profession. Many injuries are declared as job-related, when they are sustained at one’s workplace. Along with this, those injuries are also covered in workers’ compensation, which happen at locations or in vehicles, where an employee was doing a work associated with their company and job.

Those injuries, which happen during lunch breaks, are covered by the laws of workers’ compensation, only when they occur inside the premises of a company, such as cafeteria, on the grounds owned by that company or at locations associated with the organization. Injuries caused due to alcohol are covered in workers’ compensation, if the substance was given at an event sponsored by the organization.

Mental injuries caused by your job, along with the worsening of any pre-existing health condition are also included in the terms of workers’ compensation. If you want to know more and better about work-related injuries, then you should contact a professional and capable work injury attorney Los Angeles and consult him/her about the kinds of work injuries, which are remunerative in nature.

Different kinds of work-related injuries

  • Disturbing physical injuries– Physical injuries, which are caused due to any discernable accident or incident, can be easily proved in front of the court and that’s why, they are highly compensable.
  • Occupational diseases – These kinds of injuries occur, because of continuous exposure to contaminants, excessive noise, chemicals, etc. These factors result in respiratory conditions, cancers and hearing loss.
  • Injuries due to repetitive stress – These injuries develop as time passes by and stress is continuously applied on an individual.
  • Mental and physical injuries – These include mental stress, anxiety, depression, heart attacks, cardiovascular accidents, etc. Some of these injuries require proper amount of evidence and claims in order to be proved and declared as compensable.

Insurance coverage

As mentioned above, various business organizations ask their employees to get insurance on workers’ compensation, and yet only those who have been already marked as “employees” are included in the policies of workers’ compensation. So, people like independent contractors, domestic workers, seasonal workers, agricultural workers and undocumented workers are not covered by the laws of workers’ compensation.

It’s best to hire a proficient work injury lawyer to evaluate your situation and make a better decision. Your lawyer will process your claim for worker’s compensation promptly and ensure that you get proper compensation for your injuries.