If you were to trace the origin and history of art, you will realize that its origin and history is as old as the origin of human civilization. For ages, man has been using different aspects of art to adorn his living spaces and life as well. There is no denial to the fact till this day art has been embellishing everyplace and imbuing life to it. In this competitive age too, people do pick up art pieces and decorate their living space, but they often forget the importance of picking up the right kind of art. They forget that every artwork has the capability of playing a significant role in our everyday life; not only that, but artworks that spread positive messages are also beneficial in shaping up the society. Paintings with powerful quotes or even religious paintings serve this purpose perfectively.

Different Forms Of Lord Krishna Paintings

Religious painting is a form of art that enables its owner to bring divine aura in their homes. As the name suggest, religious paintings deal with the depiction of Gods and stories and incidents relating to them. In India, religious paintings take an altogether different form because these paintings are not only used to adorn personal space, but these are revered and worshipped in the same manner in which the believers of Hinduism worship the idols of Gods. Themes like the love of mortal and divine, which is depicted in many Lord Krishna paintings; significance of peaceful coexistence as depicted in paintings of Lord Shiva paintings; and the joyous depiction of lord with his devotees are some of the popular and recurrent themes of these paintings.

If you were to talk about in terms of artists’ favorite deity amongst all the Hindu deities, Lord Krishna emerges out as a clear winner. Do a quick recce of the market and you will realize that markets, be it local markets or online art selling platforms, that art market is flooded with Lord Krishna paintings and other artifacts. From the depiction of his birth, to the playful days of his childhood, the eternal love of mortal and divine, the maharas and depiction of the philosopher who guided Arjun and the rest of the Pandavs through the epic battle of Mahabharata, there is a wide range of artworks and spiritual Lord Krishna paintings. Every theme depicted in these paintings caters a particular audience. There are some people who worship the lord in Bal-Gopal form. They are fascinated by the awe-inspiring birth tale of Krishna. The mischievous tales from his childhood please these devotees the most. Lord Krishna Paintings wherein he is depicted as “Makhan-chor” or a flute playing cowherd or capture the spirit of his childhood are best suited for such people.

Another popular theme of Krishna paintings is the depiction of his love story. In Hindu Mythology, Lord Krishna is shown with Radha. Artists create paintings around the theme of love between a Hindu God and his eternal consort and topmost devotee. Radha was a childhood friend of Lord Krishna. The two were inseparable. This couple from Hindu Mythology is an example of love, passion and devotion. Their mesmerizing love story makes paintings awe-inspiring and stimulating. These paintings imbue a feeling of love and devotion. No wonder, it is considered auspicious to hang these paintings on bedroom walls of couples who want to regenerate a spark in their relationship.

One painting that we cannot wrap of the blog without talking about is where Lord Krishna is depicted as a philosopher guiding and motivating Arjun to stick to the side of Dharma and Satya and participate in the battle of Mahabharata. Also, there are many paintings of the Lord which have messages from Bhagwat Gita painted on them. These colorful paintings not only adorn a place but also prove to be a portable source of knowledge and best suited for a person who loves art with a message.