Eve was the first woman on this earth and we do not have any picture of Eve as there was no camera then. So how would we know how did she look? That’s a pretty important question to think about. When women are harassed in public by men folks – the incident is known as eve-teasing. Do you still want to know how Eve used to look like? The answer is Eve never died, she just culminated into every women after her. Sometimes, she looks like your mother, sometimes like your sister, other times like your wife or girlfriend. She also looks like the girl who was teased a while ago. Eve is present in every girl and she looked exactly like a perfect woman who knows to beautify the space wherever she goes. This International Women’s Day, get up and think about all of them and acknowledge their love by showering women day gifts on them.

Dear Eve, You Are The Beauty Of Our SocietyThere are incidents which happens in our society and downgrades the reputation of a woman. A woman is the real beauty of our society and we should never ever forget that. A woman can do anything and everything. She can control her household work and also attend office at the same time. But only for a day if a man is told to make his own tea, he would think twice before entering the kitchen and finally crowd in the local tea stall. The sex ratio of this country is 944 and that means women folk is still less than men. So it’s the duty of these men to keep their women safe and conserved so that they can give birth to more such powerful women. Here are a few tips on how to surprise your girl/woman on this women’s day.

  1. There are various websites who are selling gifts for women and such nice gifts like earrings, cuffs, necklaces, etc. can be teamed up with a bouquet of red rose.
  1. Buying a set of first edition books written by her favorite writers would make her dance in joy.
  2. Secretly publishing some of her stories and poems in a local magazine and presenting her a copy of that magazine on women’s day sounds amazing.
  1. You can take her out for a theatre show followed by a lovely and romantic candle-light dinner.
  2. Gifting a set of DVD’s on yoga and work outs is a lovely idea to celebrate the womanhood on this woman’s day.

Dear Eve, You Are The Beauty Of Our Society

All through her life, she has spread just love and love. While at her father’s place she used to be the apple of an eye for everyone. When she came into your house, she started to paint it with her lovely colors so that you can lead a peaceful life. Acknowledge all her deeds and promise to love her even more on this Women’s Day.