The world is ridden with anxiety. Our own anxiety. The anxiety of others. Anxiety that comes from real events. And anxiety that comes from imaginary things. But no matter where these problems and troubles come from, we still have to learn how to deal with them.

So every once in awhile it’s good to sit back and things about things like addiction issues, mental health issues, physical health issues, generational issues, and political issues. Because anxiety threads its way right through all of those and coping mechanisms have to be developed before we all go crazy!

Dealing With Today's Troubles: Ways Of Coping

Addiction Issues

People struggling with addiction can live in a self-contained world where they feel like they have no control over their own lives, and have no way to be helped by the world outside. One of the best things to do is find a rehab center that works with people specifically in your situation. The more specialized the knowledge, the greater chance of success when a program has been completed. Addiction doesn’t just affect the addict, but everyone around them as well, so in terms of dealing with troubles, this is high on the list of priorities.

Mental Health Issues

Think of all of the attention that PTSD gets. Talk about a trouble! Nearly every service member that comes back from any kind of active duty is going to have some serious mental health issues to deal with, and their families and friends are going to have to help them along the way as well. The more data that’s collected honestly about this topic, the more reasonable the actions will be taken in order to give therapy to those who need it.

Physical Health Issues

And though most humans in industrialized nations have the opportunity to be healthy in the modern world, there is a gigantic glut of folks who absolutely don’t take care of themselves, and suffer trouble because of it. Statistics about heart disease are mind-bending, especially since most of the cases are largely preventable, but people don’t act in their own interest.

Generational Issues

Especially these days, there’s a huge difference between generations. Between parents and kids, there have been such gigantic leaps in terms of technology and culture, that there’s a chasm of misunderstanding that needs to be dealt with almost on a daily basis. Without a set of family ground rules regarding discussions about things like education and tradition, there can be some virile gray areas to navigate.

Political Issues

And the political divisions in the country and around the world are absolutely insane right now, which means a lot of the trouble that’s falling on our heads is not even physical – it’s this sort of ideological mishmash that has a lot of heartache attached to it. Deep healing is needed in the near future.

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