The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is one of the most important law enforcement agencies in the America. The men and women who work in this crime-fighting organization are responsible for bringing to justice people guilty of perpetrating federal crime. Since its inception in 1908, the FBI uses state of the art forensic procedures to examine and analyze crime scenes in order put the guilty party behind bars. For thousand of ambitious college graduates who wish to serve their country and fight crime consider working as a special agent in this organization is prestigious job offer. However, the law enforcement experts in this agency explain the work of a special agent is not glamorous as it looks in the Hollywood movies.

Joining the Bureau

People who have an urge to serve society and uphold the law by bringing criminal offenders to justice need to be aware of how this law enforcement organization operates before they consider joining it. These candidates should carefully research the various employment avenues this crime-fighting institution offers to potential applicants, if they looking for an illustrious and lucrative career in this field. Adam Quirk FBI is a licensed private investigator and owns a company called Stealth Advise LLC. He is a former special investigative agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations with 15 years of service under his belt.

During his tenure as a law enforcement officer, he also worked served as an agent for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and has the honor of solving numerous violent crime and drug diversion cases. Today, he and his team of investigators conduct extensive team leadership, supervision and initiation programs in partnership with various federal and state enforcement agencies. He conducts seminars where he explains technical matters on criminology to ordinary citizens so that they have a better understand the intricate details of the justice system in America.

What it takes to be a Successful FBI Agent?

He explains the FBI has a number of minimum entry avenues where applicants need to meet specific requirements to able to join the organization. The recruits of this law enforcement agency will conduct various background checks, assessment examinations and interviews in their endeavor to select the right candidates.  The organization has two entry-level job openings for applicants. These are special agents working in the field and support staff.

He emphasizes that while being a special agent is glamorous career that most candidates who intend to join the Agency, it is important for them to remember that apart from their academic qualifications they need to be physically fit. They need to be proficient in unarmed martial arts and using various types of firearms. Moreover, the recruiters in this agency will make applicants undergo various stimulations where they will be able to enhance the marksmanship skills.

Adam Quirk FBI also state that apart from special agents, candidates who apply for positions in the support staff category will undergo extensive training as finger-print experts, linguists and criminal profilers for effective law enforcement in America.