Cycling is a fabulous activity that many people in different parts of the world adore. It becomes a habit and routine after successive years of cycling. However, some habits are good while others are bad. It is essential to understand to cycling is a high-risk activity and no matter how experienced one is, caution is necessary. The main aim of this article is to identify some of the bad cycling habits that many cyclists engage in.

Riding Too Fast or Over Speeding

Although there is no set speed limit by the ministry of transport pertaining cycling in different countries, you can definitely tell when you are over speeding. When riding too fast, you lack control of your bike. This may result to an accident and subsequent injuries on your body. Some cases have been reported where people have been crushed by vehicles, cycled direct to rivers, or even knocked children and pedestrian as a result of over speeding. You should know that riding too fast especially at the wrong place exposes your life to risk. Do it at the right place and be sure to be safe.

Dealing With Bad Cycling Habits

Using the Wrong Gears

Using the wrong gears is another bad cycling habits adopted by many cyclists. According to different trainers, a ratio of ninety to one hundred rpm is the best cadence for whatever gradient you are cycling. A rate lower that that put your joints and muscles to strain. However, a higher rate results in wastage of energy as a result of a lot of spins on the pedals. Use of wrong gears may cause injuries. Therefore, helmet is compulsory for getting started with your cycle. You can buy the best bell bike helmets online from any good store.

Dealing With Bad Cycling Habits

Continuous Cycling


Dealing With Bad Cycling Habits

This is also a major bad habit practiced by many cyclists especially teenagers. It is common to new riders to become overjoyed after acquiring a new bike. They thus ride it over the whole day without resting. This is extremely harmful to your health. Another group of cyclist who engages in this behavior are new trainees who want to become professionals after a short time. They are therefore not patient and end up over-training. This habits may cause persistent soreness, moodiness, motivation loss and even injuries.