Among the basic things required for our sustenance, food is the foremost; but with time money has taken its place, leading people to focus on how they can earn well rather than how they can eat well. Luckily both the aspects of life have become interconnected- some cook to earn and some earn to cook.

Cooking Is An Art

There still exists many people who love to eat and so they earn well so that they can eat well. Simultaneously, there is also another kind of people who cook for others and earn their living to feed themselves.

Just like the other arts-drawing, painting, dancing and singing, cooking is an art too. The art of preparing food is called culinary art. The chefs use this art to make people happy. There are various types of chefs – restaurant, private, personal, and home chefs.

Just like in any other profession, cooking too has its own tools and equipments that have to be used to get the desired result. However different types of chefs have absolutely distinguished styles of cooking.

The jobs of different chefs also vary hugely, though the basic thing for all chefs is cooking. While there are chefs who own small restaurants and run it themselves, there are sous chefs, who help the head chef to make preparations for the food orders to be served.

The private and the personal chefs both cook for other people at their homes. The difference lies in the fact that,  the private chef is owned by very affluent families and have to stick to the one family that hired them; a personal chef can work for more than one family at a time. The private chef becomes more like a family member and is in charge of the overall looking after of the family’s food.

Many youngsters like Alexander Salashour, however prefer to become a personal chef, as it gives them the liberty to move around. The earnings of the private chef are much better, even though they have to serve one family only. Sometimes if the employer goes for a trip with his family, the private chef has to accompany them there as well.

The advantage of hiring a chef, whether personal or private is that, you are sure that you will be served a healthy and fulfilling meal. The personal chef makes it a point to understand the things you like to be included in your day’s menu. He/ she leaves the house once the work is over.

The private chef differently, has to stay in the house of his/her employer and has the liberty of not complying with the ‘clean as you go’ concept. Though personal chefs like Alexander Salashour take this as a profession yet they have to be faced with the difficulty of getting messed up at days. Working in more than one house binds them by time to work, for they have to be sure to go all the houses and cook, which have hired them.

There is however no doubt that making others happy through their stomach is a satisfying job.