The energy market certainly has dug deep into the world economy. With the various forms of energy playing pivotal role in the world market, the major players in the segment can be termed as, in the true sense, the economic power houses.

C.O. Energy Creating Energy For Decades

The energy business has become a lucrative option for those with enough financial resource to begin a company of their own. With high profitability and vast opportunities, the sector has attracted many stalwart professionals over the years. However, not all have the acumen or the expertise needed to take the plunge. While speaking of energy as a resource, the most prominent player in the segment is certainly oil and natural gas. Oil and natural gas corporations in the world are some of the largest organizations, providing valuable energy resource to the consumers across the globe. The supply of petroleum products from Saudi Arabia is pretty high, however, other countries, including America, have their fair share of oil & gas corporations and major players in the world market. Speaking of the American oil & gas companies, one of the most spectacular organizations whose name occurs in the list of the toppers in the sector is that of C. O. Energy.

Founded by Cord Johnson, C. O. Energy has made a big impact in the energy market of America within a very short duration. In the past two years it has been involved in the drilling of 17 wells and has more than 40 wells in its name which are spread all across the 7 counties of Oklahoma and Texas.

The phenomenal rise of the organization is definitely due to the untiring work of the management as well as the general employees of the organization. The founder of the company, Cord Johnson, himself had been directly associated with the drilling of more than 90 horizontal shale wells and his area of operation spread across Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania and Arkansas. He has been holding the prestigious position of Project Manager in this project. His past work profile includes the names of prestigious and well known organizations such as Quicksilver Resources, Encana Oil and Gas USA, XTO, Hunt Oil, Southwestern Energy, and many more.

When Cord Johnson started the company, he brought together the finest managers to form the management team for the organization. Today the management team boasts of having more than 100 years of combined overall experience. There are even two members in the team who have been associated with public energy companies as their executive managers. With such an experienced and rich board to lead the way, it is no wonder that the company has started its journey fabulously and has become one of the most reckoned names in the energy business in America.

CO Energy of Cord Johnson has one of the most interesting operational procedures. It has worked closely with a number of other energy companies and has created a long term relationship with the organisations such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Weatherford Labs. C. O. Energy always take special care while choosing any site for drilling and always decides on the final spot after consulting with its team of geophysicists, geologists, reservoir engineers, and attorneys. Creating a sustainable option without hampering the nature is always the aim of the organization.