Irish whiskey, Irish ale…What do you know about these two drinks? Have you met before? Irish coffee takes honorable third place among the list of popular Irish drinks? The cocktail is usually served in a high glass to combine alcohol, coffee and dessert classic. It was firstly appeared many years ago and it keeps better your mood during the rainy Irish day. So, where can you try this glorious Irish drink? It is better to hire a car in Dublin and try coffee of different tastes and variations.

Espresso extract

Vice Coffee Inc.

The history of O’Connel Street speaks about the popular pub Twisted Pepper. That was the platform where glorious barista, Irish champion Colin Harmon opened his first cafe – 3fe cafe. There was time when the pub moved to another place and stopped its work. Speaking about cafe, the establishment moved to the other part of Dublin to have a new name – Vice Coffee Inc.

The cafe is located in the building of Wigwam, next to the popular hairdressing saloon The Boxcutter and specialized shop Brewtonic. This is very popular place to drink coffee. It was renewed and got many interesting details. By the way, Vice Coffee Inc. boasts with the title of the best Irish coffee.

Address: 54 Abbey Street Middle, Dublin

Roasted Brown

Roasted Brown is a cafe and coffee roaster all together. The cafe is located in the old city region Temple Bar, not far from the Dublin Castle. The owner of Roasted Brown tried to realize his cafe dream since 2007, learning many new things and recipes. He tried to roast coffee in London and moved to Ireland in 2015. The espresso is made of Gathaithi AA coffee seeds. This is one of the best coffee drinks that you have ever tried before. More information you can find on the website of the establishment.

Address: Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin


The Fumbally

The cafe is situated in the South-West part of Dublin. When you come in, it looks like you are at the food store or granny’s kitchen. The food is tasty, the coffee is amazing and the atmosphere is friendly. All these facts make Fumbally the most popular place for breakfast, dinner and having rest. The cafe staff likes their work. The coffee menu is under the responsibility of O’Donoghue and his team, the founder of the First Draft Coffee project. The coffee machine NS Aurelia, two special machines Mythos and Mahhlkoenig EK43 help to make tasty coffee for guests.

There is always crowded here. They sell more than 500-600 cups per evening. By the way, the coffee house is decorated with jute bags from all over the world. Nevertheless, the coffee seeds are received just from 3fe and The Barn. There is also a creative space not far from The Fumbally territory. It is called The Fumbally Stables. There is a kitchen and yoga studio. This is also a space for coffee training First Draft Coffee.

Address: Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8


3fe (3 floor espresso)

Speaking about Dublin we speak about 3fe, or 3 floor espresso. This is a base of coffee culture in Dublin, the image of the city. The cafe owner Colin Harmon is a popular person. He started his barista career from here. This man is a winner of different international competitions and championships. He is also the founder of educational program Tamper Tantrum.

3fe cafe is famous of its experiments and high class equipment. The cafe was renewed and replaced many times to change the style, technic and concept. The modern cafe is located on Grand Canal Street. The cafe space is equipped with VA388 Black Eagle, Marco SP9, coffee grinders: Mythos and Mahlkoenig EK43. The guests are offered to try tasty coffee and learn everything about coffee on professional level. You can to open the menu book and find the list of services: nano-cupping, milk guiding, water testing and many other interesting

Nano-cupping is mini version of traditional cupping for beginners. The water and coffee powder is all you need to try. Water testing is an interesting way to solve the problem of the most of clients who tried to make coffee at home. The water is the main reason of bad taste. The water experiment usually takes about few minutes. The guests are offered different kinds of water of different quality: bottles, distilled, tap water. You have to feel the difference.

Address: 32 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin 2


The perfect cup of coffee is special for you – the cafeteria’s motto. The first coffee under the Coffeeangel brand was devoted to the ST Patrick’s Day in 2004. There are 5 coffee shops in different regions of Dublin. There is also the most popular professional coffee machine – Marco SP9. That was a big party devoted to this coffee technic.

This is a good cafe with well-prepared barista and high class equipment. You should try Nekisse N2, producing from Bailies Coffee, Belfast. Look around! Everything is surprising here. The cups that you are offered are specially made with hands from O’Riain Pottery from the little colorful town Sligo to the North West from Dublin.

Address: 15 Leinster St S, Dublin 2

Coffee roaster

Love Supreme

There is one more popular cafeteria at on the North West of Dublin. It is called Love Supreme. The building is impressive. It attracts your attention from the first sight. It is colored white to be special among the number of black houses around. The cafe was opened in 2014. This is not the central coffee shop. The coffee seeds are roasted by Roasted Brown. So, you can try your morning coffee Guititi with the red apple, nuts and cranberry. The pub equipment is NS Aurelia and coffee-grinder Anfim Caimano.

You can have coffee for breakfast or lunch with the tasty cake or cookie. Of course, chocolate is the sweetest thing in the pub. Love Supreme offers world-popular brands of chocolate that know everything about tasty and beautiful sweets.

Address: 57 Manor Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin