If you have a pet, you know you need to take proper care of it. This includes grooming, cleaning and of course cleaning up after they poop. However, many pet owners generally never bother to clean up!

Why Cleaning Up after Your Pet is important

You might wonder why cleaning up is important as long as you are not allowing your pet to dirty your neighbor’s yard or garden. Imagine you walking in a garden and you step on pet poop. How would you react? You would probably want to have a one on one talk with that pet’s owner and set things straight. The same would be anyone’s reaction to your dog’s poop.

If you care for a healthy and greener environment, then as a responsible pet owner, you need to clean up after your dog poops. Yes, it is a ‘dirty business’, but think about the consequences. Not only for your neighbor’s sake, but it can even have a negative impact on you and your pet’s heath.

How is Dog Waste Harmful?

Many people feel that leaving dog waste on the ground will act as a fertilizer for plants. This is not true. Dog food generally comprises of meat products, which cannot be composted. Let us see how dog waste is harmful for us and the environment:

  • Dog waste consists of harmful bacteria that can contaminate water
  • Dog waste, if left unattended can attract flies and spread diseases to you and your loved ones
  • Puppies generally are at more risk to diseases as they are curious and like to ‘try’ out new stuff
  • Dog poop contains hookworms, round worms and tape worms that can cause infection

Taking into consideration the toxic effect that dog waste has on our environment, many neighborhoods have installed stations for dog waste. Dog waste stations are installed at places where dog owners come with their pets for walks.

Here dog owners are instructed about the importance of cleaning up and provided with dog bags for scooping up the waste.

Dog Waste is Feeding Ground for Rodents

Have you ever wondered that even if your backyard is clean and tidy, why do rodents and rats keep paying you a visit? If you have a dog that does his poop business in your yard, now you have your answer.

Yes, dog poop is one of the favorite foods on the menu for rodents. Yes, if not for humans, it is very nutritious for rats or rodents as it contains proteins, carbohydrates and minerals that can be digested by these animals.

Imagine having rodents and rats as your backyard neighbors, who refuse to leave anytime soon. If ignored, over a period of time, they might take permanent residence in your home and spread infections.

So, it is always better to nip the bud in the initial stages itself. Scoop the poop and make your yard a better place for your kids and dog to play around and exercise.


Be a good neighbor by making your neighborhood a better place to live in. Your neighbors will truly appreciate this gesture of yours.