As the time goes by, we see more and more business facilities and premises across the globe being exposed to vandalism, break-ins, and, unfortunately, even terrorist attacks. The fact that the expensive, equipment, and the important business data are not the only things being threatened, but, in the growing number of cases, the human lives as well, force us to take all the precautionary measures in order to prevent such unfortunate scenarios from happening. Let us see than what we can do to improve the security of our business facilities.

Reinforce the Points of Entry

  • Doors – All of your business facility’s outside doors should be made out of metal, and, if possible, secured with heavy metal crossbars. Jambs around the doors should, of course, be reinforced, too. The doors should swing outwards, and all exposed hinges should be pinned.

  • Windows – Essentially, windows should feature burglar-resistant glass (e.g. polyester security film). Also, make sure that all the windows which are not strongly contributing to your facility’s design feature some kind of heavy metal bars or grates.

  • Locks and Padlocks – Both doors, and windows should be, whenever possible, reinforced with double-cylinder deadbolts, and padlocks. Padlocks should be made of hardened steel, while the serial numbers should be hidden.

Rearrange the Exterior

The exterior of your business facility must be arranged so it strongly discourages burglars from ever attempting the break-in. First of all, make sure that the entire lot allows great visibility, and that it is, as much as possible, devoid of boxes, trash cans, and other equipment that could help invaders to get an access to the roof. Also, the lot needs to be very well-lighted or at least covered with motion triggered lighting. Fences will have to prevent burglars from entering, while maintaining good visibility, so the iron bars are the best possible solution.

Install the Video Surveillance

The benefits of good surveillance are twofold. It will not only record the break-in if it occurs, and help you to track the burglar, but, if well-displayed, it will serve as an additional mean for discouraging the possible attacks. The quality of the video should be of your prime concern, though, so look for some reliable brands like Brinno. Also, it is highly advised that all the outside cameras are secured with vandal-proof protection.

5 Most Effective Ways To Secure Your Business Facility

Install the Alarm System

Here, you can go with two options:

  • Monitored alarm system – Alerts the contact center which, in turn, contacts the police. The only drawback is that phone lines can be cut before the break-in occurs.

  • An unmonitored system – Sets of an alarm and a series of floodlights, aimed at calling the attention, and scarring off the burglars.

Both of these options have their pros and cons. If you want optimal security, be sure to use them both.

Establish Firm Employee Routines

No matter how your facility may be secured, all of that will amount to nothing if your employees are sloppy. Therefore, you should establish firm employee routines that will eliminate misplaced keys, irresponsible alarm handling, and similar situations. Also, you should be aware who are you employing, so background checks and verification measures are not out of the question, too. Finally, marking security equipment with employees’ ID numbers should discourage them from taking any kind of ill-intent actions.

These were top five measures you can take to make your business facility a more secure place. Be sure to apply at least some of them, if not all, because safety is something not to be gambled with. And it is always better to be safe than sorry.