There’s no doubt about it, shopping for a new pair of glasses is almost as hard as trying to find a new pair of jeans. It’s a struggle, finding the correct fit, do they suit me, and will they last a long time? There’s a whole list of questions running through our minds as we try and scout out the perfect pair. Luckily the internet is a handy place to pick up some top tips and luckily, we have a few for you!

  1. Know Your Face Shape

It’s surprising how many people don’t know what frame will suit the shape of their face best but it’s an important factor in choosing a style that will suit you. If you have an oval shaped face, you’re in luck as generally all styles will suit you lucky guys! Check out our handy mini guide below to point you in the right direction –

Oval Face Shape: All styles should suit

Round Face Shape: Rectangular style frames, avoid small frames

Heart Face Shape: Bottom heavy/thicker frames to balance the face shape

Square Face Shape: Oval or rounded type frames

Diamond Face Shape: Top heavy semi-rimless frames

For the round faced out there, a heavy geek style of frame will compliment your face shape, whilst the diamonds out there should opt for a semi rimless style. And if you’re an oval face, well then lucky you! You get the pick of them all.

  1. Style Vs Practicality

You should think about what exactly you use your glasses for, do you have them on all day or do you just use them at computes, and so on. This is also an important consideration when contemplating the style of frame to choose, a ‘geek’ type of frame will typically be heavier than a rimless style so be aware of how comfortable your chosen frames will be.

  1. Online Or Offline?

Technology is an amazing thing isn’t it? Who would have thought 15 years ago we would be buying our prescriptions online. Whilst some still prefer to buy theirs in store, many people are opting to buy designer glasses online instead. And why not, there’s an abundance of choice online, far more than you can ever imagine is in your local opticians! There’s also amazing deals, and greater choice of colours too.

Choosing The Right Glasses For You

  1. What colour?

Again, another tricky decision to make when choosing your frames. Whilst black is practical, it’s fun to experiment with pastels and brights. Or why not look into buying two pairs of frames, a practical black pair for work and a pastel lilac or a shocking pink for evenings and weekends? That way you’ll be able to change up your look from the office to the pub!

  1. Where To Shop

So by now you’ve got a pretty good idea of the design, shape and colour you’re after but where to look? The internet is bursting with amazing independent boutiques and designers so why not try somewhere different to the usual? The plus-side to this is also not owning the same pair of frames as half of your office. You’re also far more likely to find interesting, unique designs that fit your taste, so get searching!

We hope our handy tips will help you on your journey to that perfect pair of frames!