Now in this fast generation world technology changing quickly with different shades, the technology helped us to connect to others in simple ways with so much comfortless and flexible. The technology is now evolving everywhere in every industry, everything becoming digitalised. Every information stored in the digital space with security and it can be accessed from everywhere with simple net connectivity. There are so many software companies/tech related companies established worldwide, which is providing tremendous technical support given to the humans, but as far it concerned about the data integrity there are so many risks and attacks were done earlier on system to steal data related financial, security, classified and national security. Whatever the organization you work for, check these security settings are setup on the network.


A firewall is a network security program that filters the incoming and outgoing data packets. The firewall follows certain rules and standard to filter the traffic, if any suspicious data packets are incoming then it will block those data and drops it from the incoming traffic. It can be installed to filter incoming traffic both from an intranet or internet to your system. There are different types of firewalls available in the software security world you need to choose based on the organization level and threat levels you face.

Intrusion Detection

It is a software application which monitors network traffic. For the desktops point of view, it searches for the suspicious activities which tries to enter into the network. It follows certain security policies and algorithm which are by default defined inside, so it detects activities based on these rules. When a malicious activity arises in a network or system, it reports in the admin and temporarily block that activity.

DDOS Prevention

DDOS is an attack on the system which reduces the capacity of responding, each system has to respond to the incoming request, but attackers use bulk no of streaming request which occupies the most of the bandwidth and makes the server to respond slowly to request. Due to this response will delay to the requestor, on continuous the server or system may collapse due to over a stream of incoming data requests. To detect these kind of attacks we have to utilize certain tools for preventing. These tools will filter the packets which are coming from suspicious IP address and having malicious behaviors. There are numerous no of application standards available for preventing these kind of attacks.