Do you want to utilise high-security checks for reduction and prevention of check fraud?

For this, an analogy has your answer: First imagine that, on a street, there are two houses. One of them is having a picket fence around it while the other one has a chain-link fence along with a guard dog, barbed wire and an armed guard.

Check Fraud Prevention With High Security Checks

Suppose If someone is a burglar, what would be his first choice??

As far as Check Fraud is concerned as a “crime of opportunity” and if you want to fight against it, then deterrence should be the prime choice of defense. That means businesses should be using checks that come up with a minimum of ten security features because various methods are taken into use by check fraud criminals for altering or replicating checks. Merely an icon of ‘security check’ printed on it doesn’t mean that it is a secured check.

Similarly, there is a need to incorporate security features in a correct manner for the purpose of discouraging the fraud. Many a time, it is noted that manufacturers end up simply ‘adding’ security features to their checks. However, as they often make mistakes in understating the fraud, their security features get incorporated in an incorrect manner. This limitation renders their checks useless as far as the deterrence of criminals is concerned. With the assistance of famous personalities(that have been involved in prevention of this kind of forgery) , we can understand the methods and techniques used by fraud criminals, which security features are of utmost importance and how should we be incorporating them.

An example of High-security checks could be SAFEChecks, which comes up with over twelve security features for deterring criminals. It arrives with controlled paper stock – for every company there is a unique customization of checks, i.e. no checks are sold entirely blank. Moreover, it has thermochromatic ink, Copy void pantograph, dual-tone true watermark( that cannot be copied), fluorescent fibers, toner anchorage on laser checks, microprinting, chemical-wash detection fields, Copy void pantograph and much more.

 Another instance could be SuperBusiness Check, designed with chemical reactive ink, prismatic printing, ultraviolet ink(signature of  Mr. Abagnale on its back) along with high-resolution border.

There is a need to follow instructions for Secure Ordering Procedures for preventing an unauthorized person from ordering checks of any company.First, there is a need for the bank to verify shipping address of every new order and further verifying every re-order with any change in address of shipping. And Lastly there is a need for confirmation of all regular reorders.