Back pain is a life debilitating condition that prevents sufferers from getting a good night’s sleep. This causes a lot of physiological imbalances and reflects negatively in their day to day life.

When it comes to choosing the right bed for bad back there are many options. Traditionally, the belief was that firm mattress is the best for bad back. Some feel that back pain can be best alleviated with a soft mattress. However, the most recent studies show that back pain can best be minimized with medium firm mattresses. Experts feel that non-specific lower back pain as well as chronic back pain can be improved with medium firm mattresses.

Catch Perfect Advices For Choosing The Finest Bed For Bad Back

All said that one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to buying the right mattress. Many factors have to be taken into consideration as you choose a comfortable mattress.

  • Spinal condition – Your spinal condition must be assessed before you choose a mattress of the right density. The best way to go about this is to take the help of your doctor and tailor your mattress purchase based on your specific needs. Factors such as your current medical diagnosis, conditions that you have been treated for before play a major role.For example, if you suffer from a condition called spinal steno sis, the pain does not occur when you lie down but only when you walk or stand. For such people, the firmness of the mattress does not matter. All they have to do is to pick a mattress they feel comfortable in.If you suffer from muscle degeneration, non-specific back pain, disc problems or spinal arthritis, the matter is entirely different. Now, you have to consider the softness or firmness of the mattress. People suffering from these conditions do better with enhanced support according to experts. Those who have already undergone one or more back surgeries can choose the softer mattresses as the tissues may be stiffer having undergone alteration.
  • Age of your mattress – Age of your mattress matters a lot. If you feel extremely uncomfortable and have sudden back pain, then it could be because you are sleeping on an old mattress that has gone softer over time and mattresses with broken springs. In such cases, it is recommended to change the mattress. Choose a mattress that offers you maximum comfort and minimizes back pain.
  • Are you sleeping in the right position? – If you are looking for the best bed for bad back because of sudden onset of back pain, your sleeping position is another factor to consider. The type of support you need from your bed depends on the position you sleep in. Mostly, people sleep on their sides in the fetal position. Sleeping in this position could place a lot of pressure on the shoulders and hips as the knee is drawn towards the chest. For such people, softer mattresses are best options. Choose a bed that offers optimum protection for the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine, conforming to the shape of your body.
  • Different Ways to sleep – If you are used to sleeping on your back, the best way to alleviate onset of back pain is to use a pillow or rolled towel to support the lower back and knees. This will also offer more comfort while sleeping. For those used to sleeping on the stomach, back irritation is possible with softer mattresses. Medium firm mattress is the ideal choice as it offers support without leading
    to sinking of the abdomen.

Catch Perfect Advices For Choosing The Finest Bed For Bad Back

If you look at the overall picture, we find that choice of the best bed for bad back depends entirely on the individual’s physiological condition. Keeping comfort and support in mind, the choice should be made after careful research.

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