Any woman – or man, for that matter – should be able to describe to you the amazing feeling that you can get when you wake up, and everything about you just seems to work. You do not feel bloated, and that spot you thought was about to erupt on the end of your nose has miraculously disappeared. Your hair looks amazing, and your nails are back to full health. You look wonderful; and that will immediately make you feel wonderful.

The link between the way that we feel about ourselves, and the way that we look, has been documented for hundreds if not thousands of years. One sure fire way to make sure that we feel positive just before we go into that high pressure meeting is to make sure that our hair looks fabulous. Before a big date, we always make sure that our clothes are fresh and perfect. Who doesn’t worry about a pimple turning up just before that big event where cameras will be everywhere?

Botox: How We Feel About Ourselves Physically Affects Us Spiritually

There is a reason why many women have power pants; underwear that makes them feel gorgeous, and therefore more powerful. There is a reason why many men have a pair of shoes or a shirt that they always go to when they want to be confident and strong. Because when the outside reflects the worth that we feel inside, we finally feels as though we will be respected and trusted as we should be.

Botox is just another tool in our arsenal of confidence boosting toolbox (please only visit a well practiced Botox health professional should you choose to pursue this avenue). There is absolutely no reason why a person cannot use Botox to make ourselves look as young, fresh, and wonderful as we already feel inside. And just as it will improve our looks, a quick course of Botox can prove immediately to make ourselves feel calmer, and more at peace. After all, how we feel about ourselves physically affects us spiritually.

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