The i8 is a new car model from the highly respected automaker BMW, released in India at the Auto Expo 2014. It is a plug-in hybrid sports car that combines conventional fuel engine with electric motor resulting in high performance along with low fuel consumption. Some of the significant aspects of this eco-friendly super car are as follows;

  • BMW i8 carries an aerodynamic design featuring sharp edges, prominent creases and other details hard to find in any other BMW.
  • The i8 features an all-wheel drive, wherein the gas engine powers the rear wheels and the electric motor powers the front wheels.
  • The combined power of these two engines comes to 362bhp and the mileage yielded is 39 kmpl.
  • The i8 reaches the 0 to 100kmph in just 4.4 seconds and it can touch a top speed of 155 kilometres per hour.
  • The car offers the ability to drive up to 15-22 miles at modest speeds solely on electric power.
  • The battery gets fully charged in just 3.5 hours using a 110 volt plug; and if using a 220 volt plug the time reduces to 1.5 hours.
  • The front passenger and the driver get ample space inside the cabin while the rear seats are just an extension of the 5.4 feet cubic trunk.
  • The super cool plug-in hybrid car is now on sale in the country as a completely built up unit at a whopping cost of Rs 2.29 crores.
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How to Procure a BMW i8?

In the current age of online sales and purchase, buying a super luxury car is now longer a tough job. One can call up the BMW i-Call centre anytime and clear your doubts through telephone wherever you are placed at. The buyer can also send an online purchasing request and place the order via internet. Moreover BMW has 32 dealerships across 25 cities in India. One can just walk into the nearest BMW showroom or dealer and drive out in a BMW. But the problem here is that BMW produces the i8 model in very limited numbers. So it may not be so easy to purchase an i8 after all. The minimum waiting period at present for this car is one year. Plus the high cost may include many paperwork and permission and tax issues.

Market Feasibility

Although the BMW models continue to attract the car enthusiasts in the country, it is to some extent true that such super cars have limited buyers in India. That said the luxury segment in India is showing a slow but steady growth over the years. The buying capacity of people has increased tremendously. People are nowadays ready to shell out more money for luxury and pride.

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