Pune is one city in India that is ceaselessly flooding with energetic vibes and why is that so? All things considered, what more would you anticipate from a city that houses a large number of students! Additionally, if you are a foodie and literally dream of eating every time, then remember that Pune has a line-up of some of the most amazing eateries serving lip smacking food. So even if you have INR 20 in your wallet, Pune will never let you go back home disappointed!

Moving to Pune for further studies? We do comprehend the costs that you may have incurred to move. Be it the booking cost for Cochin to Pune flights, the security deposit for for the PG or rental home that you’d be staying at, or the basic necessities that you require for your stay here, everything has a price. So why spend more on food, especially when you can eat generously inside a budget of INR 200 in Pune? Here are the option for you!

Goodluck Cafe

Goodluck Café, located at its namesake Goodluck chowk in the midst of all the hustle bustle in the Deccan range of Pune, is a diner as well as history! A great many generations have been going by this spot, just for the Keema Pav and Bun-Maska, Chai. Being in close proximity to the Film Institute, this cheap coffee shop has seen huge names like Dev Anand, David Dhawan stroll in through its doorways since they were students. The food is great, and regardless of the possibility that you have ten rupees in your pocket, the bistro will serve you with lavish bun maska and chai.

NCC Canteen

The place is the most sought after spot among students in Pune, especially when the pocket money has exhausted towards the second half of the month! This spot serves both South Indian and North Indian nourishment, open for breakfast, lunch and supper. We exceptionally recommend this spot for you. Do whatever it takes not to miss the masala chai and vada paav here, especially when you are low on cash!

De Katta

A home-like place that dishes out lip smacking food, De Katta is the appropriate spot for students as well as foodies. The menu ensures a unique collection, with the sandwiches being the star of the whole affair. The staff is warm and amiable and the pricing is perfect for students. Now you have no more reasons to starve or grumble for awful food, isn’t it?

The Burger Barn Cafe

As the name suggests, this spot is well known for its burgers. The atmosphere and seating here is perfect for students. The place is huge, and also has an outdoors seating. In the event that you plan to visit this spot, then do try their Barn Fiery Filet Burger, Salami Sandwich, Brownie Shakes and the BBQ Chicken Plate.


You will find a large queue of students waiting outside Vaishali almost any time you go there. In the case you are planning to visit Vaishali, then do try their incredibly famous Sev Puri Dahi Puri (SPDP) and sabudana wadas here. No one can make sabudana wadas with coconut chutney like that, and that white margarine, or loni they add on their remarkable dosas makes them so droolworthy.

We now very well understand why people say that Pune is the ideal city for students. With food so delectable available at low costs, and like minded people around you throughout, why would you want to go back home, ever? Enjoy!