It only takes a few smaller mistakes or one big one to throw your financial world into chaos.

That said do you have the fear that your finances could be heading south sooner than later?

Stop for a moment to think how hard you have worked over time to build up a fairly comfortable financial world. Now, could it all come crashing down?

By taking the right steps to fortify your financial world, the chances of it crumbling go down.

What Measures Are You Taking to Protect Your Financial World?

In looking at your financial world, what measures are you taking to protect things?

For one, do you have a lot of debt surrounding you? If so, do all you can to lower this weight around your neck. Too much debt over time can weigh you down and cause problems now and down the road too.

One of the ways to approach this is looking at how much income you have coming in each month as opposed to what goes out. If less is coming in through work and other means and more goes out through bills, you need to reverse this. Not doing so can lead to problems with your finances for a long time to come.

Another area to look at is the bills you pay.

Are you paying too much in rent or with your mortgage? Is your monthly car payment weighing you down? Do you have high health insurance rates? Look to see where the financial bleeding is coming from. In doing this, you can in all hopes begin to attack the problem.

Do You Have Too Many Penalties and Fees?

It is also important to review the matter of being saddled  with penalties and fees.

As an example, do you pay your yearly taxes on time? If not, you could well end up with fees from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Given the IRS can garnish your wages, those penalties and fees can come back to haunt you.

So, why are you filing late or not filing at all?

If doing your taxes is an issue for you, do you have a tax pro to help you?

If you stop and think about it for a moment, you may be able to do your taxes on your own after all.

By getting on the web and checking out tax software reviews, you may well find the best system to get your taxes done.

In checking out the different software out there, take your time. The last thing you want to do is get the wrong software.

Among reviews are tax software websites, customer feedback and family and friends. When you do your reviews, you should hit the jackpot with the right software.

Last, be smart about putting money away for your future.

Unfortunately, too many people are not wise when it comes to planning for down the road. As a result, they can put themselves in precarious positions.

Do all you can to not only take care of you now but later in life.

So, if your finances have been heading south, are you going to turn things around?