Back then, Amazon Prime was just about getting faster deliveries but the online streaming platform has been going from strength to strength. The impressing content catalog of Amazon Prime just keeps getting better and better every week with the inclusion of new episodes and new TV shows.

Amazon Prime boasts of some amazing lineup of tantalizing new series to keep their viewers glued to the screen. These homegrown series, titled and created by Amazon itself, are available to all paid users having premium access.

Scroll through to see our best Amazon Prime series that are totally binge-worthy.

The Tick:

The Tick is essentially a show about a superhero but comes with a difference. Unlike the other superhero TV shows and movies, this one is more relatable as they are messy, humorous, and end up making a lot of terrible decisions. The superheroes are vivaciously colored followed by sarcastic villains, captivating storyline and flawless wordplay.

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Downton Abbey:

Downtown Abbey is all about fictional people going on with their everyday lives in the early-twentieth century regalia. An American show, when aired on TV, was loved by millions of people across the world. Its immense popularity and huge viewership made way to Amazon Prime with all seven seasons.

If you love watching drama series on Amazon Prime, Downton Abbey should be on your weekend binge watch list.

Two and a Half Men:

One of the cult Chuck Lorre classics, Two and a Half Men is a laugh riot that left viewers in splits. The flamboyance of Charlie Harper (rich and chic-magnet), stinginess of Alan Harper (divorced and kicked out of his home by ex-wife), and the annoying yet cute son Jake Harper were put through different situations involving family, relationships, money, women, one-night stands, and much more. What unfolds through each episode is 20 minutes of laughter and some hilarious yet sharp sarcasm.

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Another colossal Chuck Lorre American sitcom, Mom, got instantly famous with the audience for its relatable issues with most American women. Anna Faris as Christy Plunkett, the lead protagonist struggling with alcohol deaddiction, is despised by her own teenage daughter for her notorious ways. Her life goes for a toss when her mom enters her life. Both are staying hard to remain sober with Christy making ends meet with a waitress job and no real men in her life.

Season 1-6 are streaming on Amazon Prime with season 7 and 8 in making.

2 Broke Girls:

This show will get to you most if you’ve ever been broke. The perpetually cash-strapped Max Black works as a waitress at a Williamsburg diner and befriends Caroline Channing, an idealist, oozing with business ideas to take forward Max’s cupcake business, only to get poorer than the loss of her entire property and money after her father’s arrest owing to some scam. What rolls out is the dilemma – How to make money?