The excitement of having a dream wedding is often tremendous in every woman. Usually, women are accustomed to mapping out their big wedding days at tender age, with all the reception details, wedding dress designs, typical venues, catering, the wedding theme and more accessories. If you haven’t thought about that, it can be overwhelming when the day strikes. At least those who mapped out the actual happenings have some ideas of what to consider and what not.

Don’t freak out if you have no ideas. We know how stressful organizing your big wedding day can be. That’s why we have crafted this article to give you a glimpse of what to consider in order to have a memorable and priceless event of your lifetime.

All The Bride Need To Do For Her Perfect Wedding Day

How to Plan for your Perfect Wedding Day?

At least what we know is that you might have a typical wedding ring and wedding dress design in place. But that is insufficient to characterize your perfect wedding day. A perfect wedding day demands more than that, and a poorly planned day can be lifetime regret. So you don’t want that. Below are some considerations to consider for your perfect wedding day:

  • A world-class wedding venue
  • A Guest List
  • A selection of bridesmaids
  • Invitation cards
  • Wedding Theme
  • Gift Registry
  • Music For Aisle Walk
  • Music For Ceremony
  • Seating arrangements
  • Venue Decorations
  • Wedding Planner
  • The Best Caterer
  • Wedding Cake
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • DJ/Live Music
  • The Best Photographer/Videographer
  • A dream Wedding Gown
  • Reception dress
  • The Bridal Party Outfits
  • Reception Dress
  • Hair and Make-up artists
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Luxury transport to and from the wedding venue

This checklist should give you some ideas on what to have for the perfect wedding day with all the wedding accessories well prepared. Looking at the things you need as illustrated on the checklist above, it is advisable to have a planning partner, perhaps the groom, to help you plan this special day together. Even a best friend can come to your rescue when faced with this overwhelming plan.

Among other wedding day needs, the venue is of foremost important because without the wedding will not happen as planned. All you need is a perfect wedding venue that can customize everything, from the menu, decorations and the theme to your liking.

Factory 51 is one of the renowned wedding venues in Brisbane with unbeatable and irresistible packages. Behind the excellence of the venue is the executive chef Matthew Jenkins with his unparalleled menu characterized by fresh produce, a cutting-edge culinary experience and high quality servings. The menu can be customized to your liking. This will contribute significantly to your perfect day because your guests want something to talk about post the celebrations. Let the guests enjoy and complain about the limited time spending in a great wedding venue.

Factory 51 accommodates up to 153 guests in total. The venue has 3 distinct wedding menu styles which include traditional plated, share table feasting and the cocktail style. The best reception packages are available to add flavor to your wedding.

Once you are done with the venue selection, what is left are the best proceedings with the best master of ceremony. In the midst of the celebrations, the renowned chefs will continue helping out with catering for the prestigious guests and help with assigning the room services for changes into different attires.

Choosing the venue that is designated for wedding values and catered by the industry’s best chefs is a plus to every bride that need a perfect wedding day. And here it is —  ­ —  the venue the bride needs for her perfect wedding day. It can be more overwhelming to find out a self-catering venue where you have to organize the caterers as well and make plan to set the wedding theme. You might end up shedding some tears instead of smiling because of a pile of work on your shoulders.

With this comprehensive guide, you should be having a clear mindset of what you need for your wedding. Factory 51 is a well-equipped venue in Brisbane that has been catering for many weddings.