While the PDF format is extremely popular and reliable, sometimes we need to convert these files into other formats like Word, Excel, Txt, Html, Images, PPTX, Epub, XML and more. Having a convenient software that will do the work for you is bound to make your life easier.

The All PDF Converter which is known for its efficient and speed will is one of the best PDF conversion tools available in the market. With plenty of unique features, this is a one-stop software for all your conversions as it supports a large number of common formats that you work with.


The All PDF Converter Pro provides you with multiple features at a reasonable price which is more than you would expect.

10+ output formats

The All PDF Converter Pro is equipped to turn all PDF files into seven documents that can be further edited according to your convenience. These include Word (doc/docx), PPTX, Epbu, Txt, Html, Excel (xls, xlsx), Images (jpg/png/bmp/Tiff/EMFF) and XML. You can get your entire lot of conversion done using just this one multi-purpose software.

OCR Technology

How often do you find a converter that has advanced OCR technology, integrated into it? With the All PDF Converter, you will be able to extract the textual portion from even scanned PDF files which can then be converted into one of the various file formats supported by the software. If you want to upload an image directly and then read it an editable and searchable document, then the Image OCR will allow you to do that. You can be assured of quality and accuracy when it comes to the OCR.

Multiple Languages

Do you have some documents that are not in English? There is nothing to worry about because All PDF Converter supports six other foreign languages apart from English. It can convert documents written in German, Russian, French, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish. So you can avail the features of this software even if you do not speak English yourself.

Fast, Easy To Use and Reliable

You do not even need an Internet connection for the All PDF Converter to work. It is one of the best offline PDF converters you will find on the market. You can simply upload the PDF files that require conversion so that they can get converted into your desired format. The software works fast and does not make mistakes during the process which makes it a must-have.

Professional Settings:

The software helps make your work much easier with a host of advanced settings.

Batch Conversion:

Have a lot of PDF files to convert? You can use the batch mode which will save both your time and energy. All you have to do is import the PDF files and then run the conversion process on all of them together.


If you have an encrypted PDF file that you need to convert, then the software allows you to import it and eliminate all the restrictions before starting the conversion. Your data will be safe.


The built-in PDF viewer helps you see the document once so you can give the final confirmation.

Page Selection:

There is a page selection feature which lets you choose page range.

Purchase the All PDF Converter today to make file conversion a more convenient process!