MucunaPruriens is a medicinal plant that grows widely in the Caribbean climate. The seeds of this plant is pertaining a medicinal value which can be crushed and used to treat many illness. The seeds of this plant are so useful that it can be utilised as a pain killer.


As per the different reviews from the users of MucunaPruriens, this has helped to increase the dopamine level of the body. After consuming the supplement the L-Dopa that is included in the seeds passes the blood brain barrier and this get transformed to the dopamine. Dopamine is one of the important needs for the human body. Deficiency of dopamine may lead to depression and Parkinson’s a disorder that affects the muscles. Dopamine cannot be consumed directly with the help of its supplements .This is because it is difficult for crossing the blood brain barrier. In such situations L-Dopa, content in MucunaPruriens helps for the same. This helps in raising the dopamine level in the brain. As soon as the L-Dopa reaches the blood stream this gets transformed to Dopamine. MucunaPruriens stimulates the production of certain neuro transmitters that affects the mood changes, increases the energy, norepinephrine and serotonin. MucunaPruriens help in enhancing the sexual performance and also decreases the oxidative damage that might occur to the sperm. Some of the other compounds that are included in this are

  • Nicotinic Acid
  • Beta Carboline
  • Glycoprotein that helps in breaking down of the proteins.

In short many reviews have proved that this is a supplement that boosts the energy level and confidence .Also this helps in reducing the body stress and also makes the interaction with the co workers easier and smoother. It has been observed that this is one of the beneficial supplements for the patients who are suffering from ADHD. Also the mental ability and concentration gets increased by consuming the same. L-Dopa which is an essential ingredient of MucunaPruriens is used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease .Metabolism of the body gets improved along with proper control of the muscles. The blood circulation gets increased by dilution of the blood vessels. Many reviews for this supplement have proved its performance for increasing the fitness of the body and also serve as a supplement for body building.

Side Effects

As per the different reviews of the users the side effect of this supplement is very low when compared to its benefits. This can be benefitted more if used with proper dosage guidelines. The dosage recommended for the users range between 100 mg and 1gm per day. At the dosage level that is close to 1 gram there will be many side effects that may lead to increase in the heart beat, high blood pressure and issues that are related to digestion and headache along with this. It is always advisable to start the supplement on a low dose. It is better that we avoid consuming this supplement for those who are pregnant and lactating, people who suffer from cardiac problems, decreased blood sugar and diabetes. Also this should be avoided before and after undergoing the surgery. Check out the full article link here.