There are too many types of sewing machines in the market today. With every brand claiming that their product is the most advanced, here are some features you need to look out for before purchasing one.

Sewing machines are still extremely popular in the market even if we are not quite aware of it all that often. They have certainly evolved from the basic press down sewing machines to more advanced prototypes. Thanks to the massive demand for clothes, the speed of supplying them had to be increased which led to the need for more advanced sewing machines.

If you look at the popular ones like the Singer sewing machines and compare it to other brands, you will see that some features remain quite prominent. This is because these features are truly what makes them advanced and are very much needed to fulfil the sewing needs.

Advance sewing machines has to have these basic features:

Stitch Capability

With the more recent electronic machines, the amount of stitches that can be made in a single minute has risen quite monumentally. From manual work to get each stitch right, you can easily enter the kind of stitches you need and see your machine make anything between a hundred stitches to over two thousand stitches in a single minute. If you are looking for industrial use, this is extremely important.

Types of Stitches

Many machines come with a specific type of stitching, but most of them have at least three to seven options to make it easier to use. This can even include the buttonholes in the more advanced machines. Getting a machine that can vary in the kind of work needed I another important feature that you should consider.


Some machines have the option of oscillating the mechanism to make more advanced stitches, and many others have the option to work in reverse as well. This can highly come in handy when you are trying out something new or just trying to correct a mistake. The needles can also be changed if needed for the same. Having so many options truly makes it more advanced.


Just like the needles can be changed if needed, you can find many of these Singer sewing machines in the price list are advanced enough to have the option of adjusting the length and the width of the stitches as and when needed. This will certainly make your work faster and will be easier to handle as well.


With so many features, your advanced sewing machines need to be able to lock down all of them to serve well. Having a good heavy duty metal frame certainly, ensures that it works for a lot longer and does not need to be often replaced. A durable sewing machine is of utmost importance too!

When you are looking at advanced sewing machines, there are a lot more features to it than these basic ones. Choose the right one wisely by considering the type of work you are planning to do with it. Go for a sewing machine that is more flexible and you can come up with new types of clothing every single time!