There are numerous advantages of shifting to a luxury apartment because apartment lifestyles are more advantageous and easy to maintain. One of those is an easy to maintain garden in your apartment.

But with limited space, how do you create an apartment garden? The answer to this problem is to create a vertical garden. A versatile garden that does not acquire much at your apartment space.

Where to plant your vertical garden?

If you are wondering where you should plant your vertical garden with the limited space, then fret no more as we have got the answer. You can easily place a vertical garden on a fence, in your balcony or at any empty wall be it in or outside of the apartment. Since you are not placing much pots on floor, your best options here are going for hanging pots with suitable plant types that can spread out well from an altitude and have limited roots.

How to start

If you are worried already about your garden flourishing or not then having or not having a green thumb is certainly not going to be a problem. When creating a vertical garden you don’t need to indulge into the concepts of gardening. All you need are a few hanging plants especially creepers and shrubs that flourish. Find a spot in the house that you would like to sit in and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Picking such a corner will let you enjoy the vertical garden as well.

Get expert opinion

There is no harm in consulting an expert on what kind of plants are best suited for an apartment environment and how you can maintain them. Taking advice from an expert can help you save the remorse in case your plants die out and you feel guilty about not taking care of the vertical garden. You can consult the expert on what edible plants you can put, how to care for creepers and how to add more colour to your vertical garden with the best suited flower plants.

Its other benefits

As the seasons change, with a vertical garden it will be easier for you to shift and switch places of many plants that are seasonal. Adding a vertical garden to your space will help it exude charm and a sense of luxury. Other than the easy-to-move around advantage, your vertical garden will work as a natural air purifier. With green around the open spaces of your apartment, you would have less to worry about the inside air quality being poor. Want to know another added advantage? Having a good number of plants in your vertical garden will act as a buffer against the outside noises so you can enjoy some solace in your home.

Luxury garden apartments are undeniably a charm but might not be easily available in your area of preference. If you own a luxury apartment then adding a vertical garden to it can help you add more glam with the greens and uplift the vibe of the place.