The tubular heater is a device commonly employed for giving a uniform heat flow over a specified distributed region. These tubular heaters are flexible, as they can be used for a plethora of different applications, with immersion and air heating are two of its popular uses. They come in a myriad of dimensions, configurations, and shapes, in fact, these heaters are so versatile that they can be modelled into any shape in line with the application.

Tubular heaters are economical, reliable, and has a vast versatility of applications when seeking expectational precision for heat transfer between liquids, air, or diverse metals variety. Such heaters can be put to use in an extensive variety of applications, even those where there are size restrictions owing to small spaces, moreover, they ensure even heat distribution along with high dielectric strength.

A Tubular Heater- What It Is, Type, and Applications

Sheath Materials

The sheath material of a tubular heater choice solely depends on the material and region of distributed heat flow requirement. Some of the popular sheath materials are copper, stainless steel, incoloy, and aluminium. The sheath material defines the precision of heat formed over an area. Additionally, the voltage ratings of a tubular heater are line with the specification of application requirement.

Applications of a Tubular Heater

There is a complete array of applications of all kind of tubular heater, be it the industrial, commercial, or the household uses the heater. Here we’ve classified them into three categories, which are highlighted below:

Deforest Heaters

This kind of heaters is widely employed in the industrial refrigeration and freezer systems, for outdoor, and compressors use.

Air Heaters

Ovens, infrared heaters, radiators, and hot air curtains are some of the popular applications of air heaters.

Immersion Heaters

They find their great usage in coffee machines, dishwashers, boilers, washing machines, sterilizers, and medical and industrial equipment.

Common Type of Tubular Heater:

Mini-Tubular Heaters

With an uncanny ability to be crafted into small shapes, this kind of heaters finds its wide applications in a variety of places where space is a restriction facet. Moreover, small diameter, according to mechanical engineering science ensure quick response time, better heat over a size constraint region, where most of the heaters are inadequate to access.

Round Double Ended Heaters

These heaters are the most versatile of all, they are capable of being modelled into any configuration in line with the need and specifications of the application. They present exceptional heat transfer via radiation, conduction, and convection to air, gases, liquids, and solid surfaces.

Metric Tubular Sheathed Heaters

They are engineered for global market and applications. These heaters can be crafted into just about any configuration and can be installed to compression glands, brazed, crimped, or welded surface. Their diameter variation from 6 to 22mm.

Single-Ended Tubular Heaters

They similar in construction as any standard tubular heater, terminating from one side, which immensely simplifies the installation and wiring job.

At the end of it all, after going through the above information on the tubular heaters, you must develop some sort of understanding which will help you in future shopping for it.