Last year I decided that I need a website in order to increase the reach of my business. I wanted to expand my business but didn’t have enough resources to do it so I decided that instead of expanding by increasing my business’s physical presence I should get a website that will have the same effect. I started my search for a good web hosting service.

I checked out a lot of options, in the end I finally settled for a lesser known web hosting service provider known as “A Small Orange”. It has been 14 months since I chose A Small Orange. I know that many people might be thinking about taking their business online, hence I decided to write a review on A Small Orange so that others can make an informed decision based on my own personal experience.

  • Server up-time:

Since I have a retail business, I was very worried about the server up-time. For any business man who runs a retail website, server up-time is extremely critical. Unlike supermarkets, internet is available to the user 24 hours a day so they can decide to make a purchase at any given time of the day. Hence I wanted to make sure that my customers never see that unholy message – “server not found”.

After 14 months with “A Small Orange” I can say that I am very happy with their performance regarding the server up-time. In these 14 months, not even a single time has my site been inaccessible. I give full marks to A Small Orange on server up time.

  • Plans:

As a customer you will get an array of choices regarding hosting plans. While some people might think that so many choices can be a bit confusing, I would disagree with them as more choice gives you more power. You can choose what suits your budget rather than what you must choose because of lack of choices. Whether you are a small business owner who wants a simple retail website or a large enterprise level organization that needs scalable web hosting, you will find every plan tailored specially for you at A Small Orange.

  • Extra stuff:

Unlike many other web hosting service providers, A Small Orange doesn’t believe in bells and whistles to attract attention. It focuses on quality of service and in my opinion it’s not a bad thing. As a customer I am only concerned with what I am paying for rather than the extra stuff thrown in my way for pleasing me. However, it won’t hurt them if they try to include some extra services to attract more customers.

  • Support:

Support services at A Small Orange are just excellent. I must admit that I am not a computer geek and I’ve had my fair share of troubles while setting up the website. The customer care executives at A Small Orange were very polite and helpful. My every query was solved in the least possible time. It is because of the excellent support services that I was able to get my website up and running in no time.

Jonathan Griffin is the editor of Best Host News, a site dedicated to reporting on decent web hosting related consumer news.  He is particularly keen to provide a place where people can find honest and up to date information on hosting providers.