Planning to take a trip with your sweetheart? Or planning a second honeymoon? Celebrating an anniversary? What better way to do so, then with a trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world. Read about the eight most romantic cities that will make your heart flutter.

1. Venice

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

Venice, the one city known was its gorgeous romantic scenery, which only a Hollywood film could recreate. Even though its beautiful architecture, magical canals are real – they seem unreal. Sitting in a gondola, while the gondola driver gently paddles though the picturesque canals, or walk through the slim lanes and bridges, all in all you end up at its historic squares. Are you in love by just thinking about it?

2. Paris

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

Welcome to Paris¸ the song inspired by the city of love. It takes about how you fall in love, with the food, the wine, and how the air is filled with love. Taking lazy long walks around the Seine, sip some luxurious coffee at café around the corner, the Eiffel tower lit to its glory at night, the breathtaking gardens, and the Montmartre –the romantic neighborhood. In Paris, love is always in the air.

3. Prague

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

Architecture filled with romantic stories, an old town that possesses the smoothness of old school courtship – Prague comes to mind.Through the Charles Bridge you will walk towards the historic Old Town Square from the gorgeous castle, all while you and your partner hear the 600 year old stellar clock chime the hour. The sense of romance with the sea air, cobblestones and gorgeous old city will bring the romantic poet out of you.

4. Florence

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

When you think of Florence you think of passion – storybook, Shakespearean, art filled passion. The cobblestone streets filled with friendly faces, celebrating the works of famous artists such as Michelangelo (for whom the great Piazzale Michelangelo is named after), and the Duomo’s breathtaking view top. And of course after a sumptuous Italian dinner, a walk on the famous Vecchio Bridge to end a perfect date. Have you fallen in love again?

5. Rome

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

Lazily sipping a cappuccino while chomping on the authentic Italian pizza, then sharing a gelato while walking towards the many surrounding fountains just to throw a coin with your love and make an everlasting wish of love. With history as old as 3,000 years, all sorts of strong warriors roamed the streets, forgotten riches and untold stories of love lost and reunited await you.

6. Vienna

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

Vienna, the city that was made for two lovers to take dreamy walks on the streets made for pedestrian strolls, which are circled by the classic boulevards. All of this as you hear the classical works of the Maestro Mozart. What really makes the sense of romance thrive are the horse driven carriages that let you see the cities splendors – the grand palaces and museums and chance to see how the royalty lived.

7. Seville

A List of 7 Most Romantic Cities In The World!

Spain’s sun, the mysterious charisma, and the gorgeous atmosphere describes Andalusia’s capital to the T. The streets are filled with flowers, and whitewashed walls, which is a great way to ignite romance for a couple through a leisurely walk. Famous for its breathtaking Moorish architecture wherever you look, as you take a horse-carriage tour throughout the city. You may even manage to see a traditional bullfight, or someone do a passionate flamenco dance. So much intense passion and charm just in one city. Guaranteed to make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

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