Swimming, apart from being an excellent sport that works equally well on your body and mind, is also one that teaches discipline. A swimmer has an enviable body and fitness that is largely due to the routine he/she follows in terms of exercising, workouts and food intake. If you are in the stage of learning swimming, you will come across situations requiring you to participate in lap swimming. This takes place when the pool is crowded and multiple swimmers are required to share the same lane. It requires the swimmers to be disciplined to ensure that he/she is able to practice well without causing any troubleto the fellow swimmers. Now, here is a list of etiquettes that you should follow to make the most of lap swimming.

  • With all your swimming lessons learnt from the experts at a North Richland Hills swim school, the first thing you should do is choose your lane carefully. The speed of swimmers varies greatly and that is why, you need to observe and understand the speed of each lane and eventually join a lane where the swimmers swim at your speed. Experienced, fast swimmers get distracted if they have to pass slower swimmers to make way.
  • When alone in a lane, make sure following the middle lane. On the other hand, with two swimmers in a particular lane, the lane can be split into two halves and used respectively. However, a circle format needs to be followed in a counterclockwise manner when there are more than two swimmers in the lane.
  • While joining a lane, make a gradual entry into it and wait at the corner until the other swimmers notice and accommodate you in the circle. Trying to join the lap fast and without restrain will only disappoint the other swimmers, making things equally difficult for all.
  • Never dive into the lane while joining it. It is a known fact that swimmers need to focus and concentrate in the act with heightened intensity in order to allow the entire body move in the desired manner. Also, a sudden dive into the pool can end up shocking and frightening the other swimmers, engrossed in swimming.
  • Even when you take enough care and join a lane that has swimmers matching your speed, there will be swimmers who are either faster or slower than you. The idea is to make way for them or pass with prior notification instead of doing it all of a sudden. For instance, when you pass a slower swimmer, tap him on the foot to let him know about your intention. He will eventually stop at the end of the lane to move to the right corner, thereby, making way for you to pass. Similarly, never push off the wall when placed in front of a faster swimmer. Allow him to pass first and then resume swimming.

Keep these few things in mind and be a disciplined swimmer, no matter where or under what conditions you happen to be swimming.