The problem of bad breath often leaves one in a state of embarrassment, especially when the person is out amongst friends or acquaintances in social gatherings. If you are one of those people who are always in a state of self-consciousness due to this problem, here are 8 simple steps to help you deal with this condition:

#1: Brushing and Flossing Has To Go an Extra Mile

The accommodation of bacteria inside mouth leads to the formation of plaque. This plaque combined with the bits of food caught between the teeth give rise to the problem of halitosis. It’s not that people suffering from this awkward condition don’t brush of floss but whatever they do, that’s just not enough. You have to brush and floss after every meal and in every 6 hours. This is more than what is generally recommended. So, you need to take special care that this is done gently or else you might end up hurting the protective enamel.

#2: Scraping of Tongue

Did you know that the bacteria present in your mouth breeds on the coating of your tongue? It is the essential to scrape your tongue and remove all the bacteria food particles and exit from their regular dental care practice as it is quite effective in dealing with bad breath.

8 Things You Can Do To Avoid Bad Breath

#3: Try to Avoid Foods That Give Rise to Bad Breath

Few food items like garlic and onions can give rise to pungent odour in your breath. Wondering how it happens? These food items dissolve in the blood and reach out to the lungs from where your breath is carried. It is due to this reason that brushing of teeth every time to have garlic and onions will not be sufficient. Try to avoid eating such foods before any social gathering. If avoiding is unavoidable, always keep a box of mouth freshener or spray mint handy so as to suppress the smell.

#4: Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause a number of dental and oral issues. Smoking damages the tissues that lie around the gums and causes the teeth to stain. Smoking also increases the chances of cancer. As far as the bad breath is concerned, the tobacco and other particles that are present in the cigarette circulate in your mouth and reach out to your lungs thereby giving your breath that bad smell. One sure-shot way of getting rid of that smoky bad breath is to quit smoking because it is even hard to suppress.

#5: Rinse Your Mouth Regularly with Mouthwash

The deposition of bacteria and food particles in your mouth can be reduced if you just use an anti-bacterial mouth wash after every meal. Apart from suppressing the bad odour, this will give you a fresh breath.

#7: Try to Avoid Sugar As Much As You Can

The consumption of sugar lays down the foundation of breeding ground for harmful bacteria that cause bad breath. Avoiding sugar can thus be a solid step towards preventing tooth decay and bad breath.

#7: Maintain a Humid Environment inside Your Mouth

If your mouth is dry, it can lead to tooth decay and bad breath. How your mouth becomes dry? When there is lack of saliva inside mouth, it becomes dry. You can ensure humidity in mouth by chewing a sugar-free gum so as to keep the flow of saliva running.

#8: Pay a Visit to the Dentist

If none of the above works for you, then it should be mandatory for you to visit the dentist because there could be some underlying medical condition that you might be suffering from.

By Aditi Tyagi

Aditi Tyagi, Editor at Tech-Hunt IT Innovation Pvt. Ltd. loves to read and share about healthcare. Aditi recommends interested readers to check out more interesting health articles at AarogyaData.