More than one family has purchased a new car for themselves, only to find that once they bring it home and load up a couple of car seats or more, a stroller, diaper bag and a few toys to distract, there is simply insufficient room remaining for anyone to be comfortable. Don’t worry, though–it’s not necessary to haul all your baby gear and other usual necessities along with you in your search for just the right vehicle for your family, “trying them” in this vehicle and that one.

Appropriate a Baseline Sized Car for Your Search

The Best Cars For Growing Families

By reading trustworthy consumer reviews and checking the various interior dimensions that the different manufacturers provide, you should quickly begin to develop a good idea of the right size of car that will adequately serve the needs of your growing family. You could even take your experience with a vehicle that left your family feeling cramped, and use it as a baseline, to which you can compare other vehicles, weeding out those in the same general size range, and only looking for cars that are roomier. The Nissan Murano is a streamlined crossover SUV that has surprisingly loads of internal space, even though it displays a more mid-sized silhouette. For families that enjoy the sportiness of a tight design but who also want more room when the occasion calls for it, this car is a very popular choice.

Spaciousness Only Parallelled By Technology

With more of a trucklike silhouette, the Nissan Pathfinder brings much needed space for the growing family and all their trappings. And with a Dual Panorama Moon roof that extends fully over three rows, not only will passengers feel less restricted, but they will have an additional view, day and night. Its design has been made lighter than ever, to bring fuel economy to an unprecedented and cost-effective standard. Seating a total of seven passengers comfortably with loads of headroom and legroom, the pathfinder comes with the option of a Tri-Zone entertainment system with something for everybody. Whether it’s a trip to the market and back home, or a full day of navigating to and fro, everyone in tow will be entertained, satisfied and transported in the safest of technology.

Your Family’s Home Away From Home

Busy families spend more time in their cars than practically any other place, and when it comes to choosing the right car for your family, you are actually making an investment–not only in your family’s comfort and adequate accommodations, but also in your family’s safety and their future. Find some of the best deals on your next family vehicle on Kijiji, where everyone goes to buy and sell cars without all the hassle.