Wherever you may be working, there’s bound to be a jerk that’s just itching to make your day go sour. Oh, how wonderful it would be if the world never had to deal with such people. If you happen to encounter one, then you should make the best effort in trying to deal with them. They can be your colleagues or your boss as well.

We say this because if you try and stoop to their level, you’ll be no better than them. In order to protect your spotless reputation and well-being, we will help you out on how you can deal with these ruffians. Follow the given steps to put an end to your harassment once and for all.

  1. Check to See What Is Setting You Off

Look back and see if the office jerk really is being a nuisance to you and your work. Otherwise, you may be just imagining that the person is bothering you. And on top of that, you’ll be getting them in trouble for no reason. Get all of your facts straight and be twice as sure before you can report them.

  1. Go Up To the Person and Ask

By this, we do not mean to imply that you walk up to your offender and ask them why they are being mean to you. Rather, you can just ask them to try and get along with everyone in the office. Or you can ask them if there is something that you are doing that is setting them off.

It could be possible that the person does not know you and is familiar with your culture and behavior. Having a one-on-one chat could help clarify things. Try to get a better insight into their motives.

  1. Get Help From Others

The thing about good friends is that they always have your back at the worst of times. Similarly, there are bound to be others just like you who will be will to support you. You can form a union and spark a bit of fear in them in case they try to corner you.

  1. Think of Their Tone

Since either of you can be new to the place you don’t know one another. This means that you could be dealing with someone who’s character may sound harsh, but is not really so. However, if their words really are personal, then you can either ignore them or stand up for yourself.

  1. Stand Your Ground

If you feel as if your co-worker is pressuring you to back you into a corner, you have to be assertive and stand your ground. You mustn’t let anyone tell you what to do and what not to. You have just as much of a right to be there as the hooligan or even more. Tell them off that you are no pushover but be careful not to be physical with them even if you can handle yourself.

  1. Do Not Fight It Over

Quarreling in the office could be bad for either of you if your boss finds out about this. Instead, throw them a warning that you are going to report them to your boss if they do not cease their abhorrent act. Your family back at home will be concerned for you if you came home with bruises.

  1. Try Your Best to Ignore Them

You know that the bully is just trying their best to get under your skin, so it would be best for you to just pay no attention to their antics. Shrug off their bad behavior with your silence and you will be able to keep your dignity intact.

If worse comes to worse, then you can take appropriate actions to report them to the head office and see to it that they are warned with a possible termination.

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