Sometimes, all we need is to trick our mind into believing we’re energetic, motivated to do the work and focused enough to complete everything in no time. That’s when you enter the right mental state to stop procrastinating and actually get to work. This gives tremendous results even though you didn’t plan anything in particular.

Let’s see how to do that. Below, you’ll find 9 such mind hacks you can use to develop the mindset necessary to be productive even when planning isn’t something you like:

1. Use the power of affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements you can repeat to yourself that will motivate you to not just start but complete your task as soon as possible.

Add to that visualization, saying these out loud and looking at yourself in the mirror, and you can hack your brain like never before.

2. Find your prime time.

Did you know that every person is more energetic and productive during a certain period of the day? That’s your peak time and once you identify it, you can use it to your advantage.

It’s worth tracking your energy levels, focus and productivity over the course of a week so you can spot when you’re performing better. Then, analyze the data you gather and structure your days based on that.

You’ll soon notice how you get much more done thanks to that one change. Sometimes of the day are known to be good for things such as creative tasks, difficult projects, or even breaks to do your little things.

3. Eat that frog.

Brian Tracy made a productivity hack called ‘Eat That Frog’ pretty popular thanks to his bestselling book. The main concept of this mind trick is to take a look at your tasks for the day and begin with the most difficult or unpleasant one.

There will be resistance right before you start and you’ll probably want to leave it for later. But you risk your productivity for the rest of the day. Once you try eating the frog first thing in the morning, be sure that you’ll feel great.

If you do the hardest thing first, you’ll feel accomplished, motivated to run the rest of your errands for the day, and – most importantly – anything else after this first task will feel pretty easy and quite pleasant.

4. Add some superfoods to your menu.

The last idea to give a try that will boost your brain power and help you get more done on a daily basis is about making changes to your menu. Certain foods called superfoods can improve your ability to focus and be productive so adding them to your menu will mean doubling your results too.

These include dark chocolate, salmon, cacao, avocados, nuts, eggs, brown rice, and more. As for beverages, make drinking green tea every day a habit. It improves memory too.

So, that’s how you can trick your mind into getting things done without a strict plan and not procrastinating or overthinking anymore. Which tip will you follow first?