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Developing a unique and inventive idea for an app and marketing it using mediums like social networking, smartphones, and print and electronic advertising is the easy part. It is getting the public to actually find utility in your app and download it onto their smartphones the tough part. So do not start jumping for joy until and unless you are getting your target audience to download your app onto their phones.

Also, with the stiff competition in today’s app market, and more and more apps being launched almost every day, getting your app noticed amongst apps like Pinterest and Facebook is a huge challenge. It will take an immense amount of planning, and a combination of excellent marketing strategies to make sure that your app reaches your target audience and end consumers. And for that to happen, your app need downloads.

7 Tips That Will Prompt People To Download Your App

Promotion and marketing are the first steps. Getting people to download it is the second and most difficult step. Here are seven proven ways that will prompt people to download your app.

  1. Marketing and promotion pre-planning – Make sure to have all your marketing, advertising, and promotion strategies ready and finalized well in advance. Team up with professionals to help you with this if you have to. Do not depend on just social networking and word of mouth to market your app. Talk about your new app on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Inform friends and family. Make your app known to people and explain to them why they need it.
  1. Lure customers with freebies – Still thinking that there is no such thing as a free lunch? Think again. Once the app development is complete, promote it along with some free offers like gifts, cash vouchers, hampers or even free holidays. Everyone likes and wants something for free, so adopting this strategy might initially cost you but will help keep customers around for longer and tempt them to download your app and use it.
  1. Content is key – Start a blog about your app and make sure the content is of very high quality and lures and attracts people. Talk about your app extensively and explain its uses and benefits and why people should download it. However, in order for this to work your content needs to be great.
  1. Promote, publish everywhere – Use whatever marketing mediums possible to promote, market, and advertise your app. Talk about it on the radio, advertise it on big hoardings and billboards, make an ad if you must. Publish content across all social networking platforms, websites, and blogs. This will definitely help your app get more downloads.
  1. Press, helps – Try to get known personalities to talk about your app and promote it. If your app is being endorsed by someone people like and trust, it will definitely help it get more downloads. Have well-known journalists write about your app and have it reviewed. This will help increase the popularity and credibility of your app, which in turn, is bound to lead to more downloads.
  1. Get suggestions/feedback – See which areas need improvement and work towards making your app better. Take valuable feedback and suggestions from people who have used it and what else they are looking for in your app. Knowing that you are going to correct the glitches and flaws in your app and make it better will definitely have more and more people wanting to download and use your app.
  1. Use video marketing – Make promoting your app fun and entertaining. You could film a fun music video about your app and upload it on YouTube that explains the app’s uses and benefits. Using children and pets to promote your app will make people fall in love with your app even more. Know the right strings to pull to touch the hearts and minds of people. Video marketing, when used in the right way, will definitely help your app get more downloads.

Remember that in order for all of the above to work, you first and foremost need to have a brilliant idea for an app. Make sure that your product has immense potential to change the lives of people. This, coupled with the above tips, will definitely help make your app a huge hit.

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