The price of housing is low enough to allow for many options when buying a home. A potential homeowner has multiple options when deciding what works best for themselves and their families. Notable among these is the option to have a new home, and, while similar to purchasing pre-owned, there are multiple myths that surround this practice. It is time to get the facts straight and get these myths thoroughly busted.

1. New Homes Are More Expensive Than Pre-owned Homes

A new home association has multiple homes across communities made to fit your needs that, in a pre-owned home would come with other features that would require long and arduous renovations to fulfill your needs.  Not only are there a variety of floor plans to fit your individual needs for space and function, energy efficient design and high quality materials will allow for you to have increased savings over time. Always consider renovation budgets and the cost of needing to make home repairs when purchasing a pre-owned home.

2. A New Home Won’t Have What I Want

While some new home builders produce communities in bulk and sell inventory investment homes, home buyers typically get to select the floor plan and features that best fit their needs and preferences before construction begins with new home associations. Do you want a walk-in closet?  Do you want a third floor?  All these things are taken into account when using a builder with new homes and can make sure every need you have is met.

7 Myths About New Homes

3. Pre-Owned Homes are Better for the Environment

Just like today’s cars run much more efficiently than the clunky gas guzzlers of the past, all new homes use energy far more efficiently than a typical pre-owned home. In fact, an Energy Star certified New Home can use up to 65% less energy than a similar pre-owned home.  In short, better technology and a focus on efficiency allows us to make sure the home is friendly to you and the environment.

4. A New Home will Be Far Away from Work, School, Etc.

Most new home communities are located in secluded and secure areas where you can have peace of mind while still being near large cities and interstates. You will not need to travel far to schools, recreational areas, shopping centers, hospitals, and restaurants. You will not be left with increasing commutes to work, the grocery store, or recreational events.  New home associations allow for a perfect combination of safety, security, and convenience.

5. There are No Savings in Buying a New Home

As mentioned in the previous myths, better materials on the build and energy efficient design means savings over the long term. On top of this, many new home associations will have referral bonuses for referring friends and family. Not only does this have the benefit of putting money in your pocket, but it can ensure you don’t get weird neighbors.

6. A New Home Will Take Forever to Move In

New Home associations will offer a large selection of quick move-in homes in each of their neighborhoods.  Ranch style to large master suites are all available and their builders can help construct a living space that meets your needs. You can leave knowledgeable that you will not be muddied in long renovations over that kitchen that just doesn’t work or endless closing negotiation.

7. A New Home will Not Have Any Character

New Home Associations will have teams of experienced architects that have developed several award-winning home designs with creative features, beautiful interiors, and flexible, open floor plans that let you define your space to suit your tastes. In many of these communities, the architectural elements and themes of the homes offered are intended to match the local settings and fit into the character of the community.