These days it seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier; which is fantastic for health as well as the environment. A more drastic step is cutting out meat and becoming a full-fledged vegetarian. The benefits of vegetarianism extend to more than just the human pursuing that diet change, however, included in this article you will see mainly the personal health benefits of going meatless.

Better Digestion

Everyone is well-acquainted with the pain of a stomach overfilled after dinner. Surprisingly, vegetarians have much better digestive tracts than meat eaters due to what they consume. Eating a plant-based diet causes you to intake far more fiber which keeps things flowing and helps you avoid indigestion associated with red meat. Be mindful that more fiber does mean you need a higher water intake as well, though.

Lower Risks of Cancer

Some studies have shown that vegetarians have a lower life-long risk of cancer than their meat eating counterparts. Some believe this correlation is due to the higher alkaline nature of their diets which is claimed to reduce the creation and growth of cancer cells.

7 Benefits Of Vegetarianism

Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is consistently on the rise in our meat-ingesting, stress-filled society. Vegetarians have been proven to have lower blood pressure overall than those who eat meat. By cutting out the animal protein source you could be more heart-healthy.

Less Instances of Diabetes

Studies have shown that vegetarians have fewer diagnosis’ of diabetes than meat-eaters. If you are already a diabetic, changing your diet to be vegetarian can improve your blood sugar control and lower some of your risks. Making changes to vegetarianism can result in a slimmer waist and, due to the cost of animal proteins, a fatter wallet.

Boost Your Immune System

Many modern medicines are simply synthetic versions of their plant-based origins. It stands to reason then going directly to the source and consuming more plants should help your overall health. Eating dark, leafy greens can help boost your immune system with loads of iron and Vitamin C.

Integrate Whole Grains

Many studies have shown that consumption of whole grains is crucial for your health. For this reason, in part, pregnant women are encouraged to eat a greater amount of whole grains during the gestational period. By cutting out processed foods and the meat with them, you can build a diet rich in whole grains that offer a surplus of Vitamin B12 to the body.

Save Money

Many believe the high cost of animal proteins is worth reconsidering. Especially for those seeking to live organic and locally-based lifestyles, trying to find local, organically sourced meat can prove quite taxing to your wallet. Choosing organic produce and dairy can be a healthier overall choice and still offer better quality and overall savings after the removal of meat.