1. Healthy Habits 

For a Healthy living, one needs to cultivate Healthy Habits.

But forming new habits is difficult just as refraining from the bad habits.

But when you move out of your comfort zone and stay stick to your resolutions then that’s when you will achieve the goals.

And the change that you will see in yourself would be results of your efforts and that happiness would be of some other level altogether.

Working on yourself will be the best project you can ever get!

Also, it should not be based on other people’s view on you; you should feel the urge to change the habits.

The focus should be on Becoming Fit and Not to lose or gain weight.

People who accept themselves and knows their capacity and appreciates their efforts succeed more easily.

Then those who creep over there in capabilities or force themselves to do what others do. By stubbornness one may achieve results, but research says it’s not a long term one.

6 Essentials For A Healthy Living

2. Be A Morning Bird

This habit is that one which our young generation have a hard time to do it. Since the trend is of Night Life but one should know what’s good for them and do accordingly.

Advantages of waking up early are the high intake of fresh oxygen also that burns calories and produces high energy throughout our day rather them storing as fat.

Also one can finish up all his planned tasks if gets up early. And can devote some time on self-care too. And it is possible to get up early and stay fresh whole day long, as it’s no magic.

People grumble about not getting enough time to be productive for themselves early morning can be that very time.

One should experiment and find out the sleep that your body needs and plan your night sleeping hours according to it. So one can wake up fresh and with a smile on their faces rather starting the day with grumpy mood.

3. Breakfast Is The Key

“One should have breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Why do people forget such a simple yet an important rule?

Mistake one- Got up late.

Mistake two- No time.

Mistake Three- Will grab a sandwich on the way.

Mistake Four- will have only a light breakfast.

Hence to avoid them inculcating habits is a must!

4.  Initiate The New Routine

If life gives you lemons; squeeze them and make lemonade. It is a harsh reality that we have entered into the sedentary lifestyle, and now we have to find ways on how to keep ourselves healthy being in the corporate environment.

Start looking for stealing small moments and do small exercises like rotation and movements of the eye ball, some neck rotation or soothing neck massage for some minutes.

Stand or walk while on the call, take the stairs instead of the lift, try eating homemade food, observe the number of cups of tea or coffee you are consuming and keep it in check.

All these small efforts can bring amazing changes in you!!

5.  Playful Workout

Best project you will ever work on is YOU. Nobody said it will be easy, but it is worth now repeat it every day. The workout is not always hardcore one as it depends from people to people.

For those who ain’t much a fan of exercises for them, the best way is to follow a sports routine as it’s a physical activity that you like, but it will work when you will do it daily and for a fixed period.

Research how many calories it burns and accordingly you have to plan as per your goal. As for different body structure calorie needs are different. Roughly check the intake of calories and calculate how many are burnt by you it will help you to maintain the weight loss.

6. Stay Happy

Physical health matters a lot, but mental health is equally important.

Stress till certain level is seen as a good indicator for progress and success.

But more than some extent it is not advantageous.

I have seen many people going under anger control program or stress buster programs, I used to think what is the need for this but observing the people there I realized we easily neglect such activities thinking it’s common and it happens every day with all.

But actually, it is not as common as we think, as till that time we haven’t realized that we are into huge Depression. Then regular doses of any medicine won’t work.

You have to motivate yourself and try to be happy as much as possible, think positively, forgive easily, communication is the bullseye to this, here social life is one factor, but communication with oneself is equally important.