In winter we tend to spend more time indoors to escape the frigid temperatures, and pests are no different. They too seek out warm places to sleep and survive the cold, and unfortunately our homes and gardens can become a target of their interest.

So what can you do? How can you prevent them from setting up home in your sheds, house, garden and wood piles?

5 Winter DIY Pest Prevention Ideas

The first step, is to make your home impenetrable and remove all forms of access. If there is a hedge or tree branch near your window – cut it. If you have got an exterior pipe leading into your house – seal it. At the same, it is important that you limit their access to food, water and nesting materials as this will make your home a less attractive place to stay. For instance, keep bird seed contained within properly designed bird feeders and resist the temptation to throw out bread to the birds.

But this is not all you can do…

You can also try implementing the following 5 pest control tips that will easily outsmart any unwanted guests.

  1. Create a Perimeter – any weakness in your foundations or around your window sills can allow pests access. Yet this is not the first barrier you should create. Rats and moles in particular are known to burrow from adjoining gardens and find weak points in your fence. To prevent this, make sure your garden perimeter is maintained and that there are no gaps or weaknesses. At the same time you can install sonic bird control spikes that will create a barrier around your home that deters burrowing animals from crossing. These spikes emit an annoying sound that upsets them, but won’t harm your pets.
  2. Keep Windows And Doors Closed – on top of this be sure to use caulking to seal any spaces around your doors, windows or pipes (that enter into your home); install a door sweep, and replace any worn weather-strips to eliminate gaps around your door.
  3. Keep Your Kitchen Clean – a dirty kitchen littered with crumbs and food will attract rodents who can worryingly gain access into your house through pipes from the outside. For this reason, it is essential that you keep the space under your sink clean and that you wedge steep wool into any gaps surrounding the pipes to prevent their entry. In addition, put in the time to clean any hard to reach places i.e. behind your fridge or at the back of your cupboards, to remove any hidden crumbs/food.
  4. Secure Your Food – once opened it is important that you keep all of your food within sealed containers and store them in hard to reach places i.e. high cupboards. No food should ever be stored close to the floor as this will invite rodents looking for an easy food fix.
  5. Manage Pet Areas – pet foods are likely to draw rodents, especially if you store them in your garage or close to the floor as this will give them easy access. To prevent this, store all of your pet food in galvanized metal containers (off the floor) and make sure you always clean up after your pet by regularly washing their food dish and sweeping up any dropped food.