Attending a college or university is something that most students strive for – yet finding the perfect alma mater is not always an easy task. While most students opt for a traditional education, more students than ever before are enrolling in online degree programs. According to The Learning House, nearly 17% of all students are enrolled in online colleges, and it is projected that number will grow to 25% by 2020.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to earn your degree online, consider the following 5 Major Benefits of Attending College Online.

  1. Flexible Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of attending an online school is that you have a flexible class schedule that can be built around your other responsibilities; you can arrange your classes to suit your individual needs. If you work a part-time or full-time job, having this flexibility can be crucial to your overall success. You can study at times when you have the most energy, and are able to concentrate.

  1. Greater Access

Your chances of getting into an online university are better because class size is not as problematic as it is with traditional schools. There aren’t the same physical limitations, so more students can take the same course. Oftentimes in traditional schools, classes that students need are full, and as a result it can take longer to earn required credits needed to graduate. Online degree programs eliminate this problem so the path to graduation takes less time.

  1. Less Cost

Most schools are impacted – that means there are more applicants than there are available seats. This drives up the cost of attending college.  The costs of earning your degree online are significantly lower than attending a brick and mortar institution. Think of the money you will save in commuting costs, being able to use e-textbooks, and paying a lower overall tuition. You won’t have to pay for parking, either. If budget is a concern, consider the lower cost alternative of earning your degree online.

  1. Many Choices

If you choose to attend college online, then you have a plethora of choices – you aren’t limited to a certain geographical area. Have you always wanted to attend Washington State University, but can’t see yourself living in the desert? Would you love to enroll in a program that is outside of the country, but moving that far isn’t feasible?  Consider enrolling in their online degree program. If you have internet access, you’re good to go. Also, if you have your heart set on earning a degree from a particular institution, many schools now offer an online extension of their University curriculum.

  1. Unparalleled Convenience

An online curriculum offers an incredible amount level convenience. Attend your classes from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas. If you like to travel, take your laptop with you, and attend class from anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi signal.

Online colleges are fantastic for students who need flexibility in their schedules, want to spend less money, and have the freedom to make choices that are the most convenient for them. Earning a degree has never been so easy.