Maybe the reasons why you embraced fulltime RV-ing is gone. Or maybe, after a life of exploring new places and meeting new people, you just want to stay in one place. Either way, the transitioning to a ‘settled’ life is not going to be easy. Even after you have sold your long-time travel friend, your RV, to one of the interested motor home buyers, you have a long way to go. Here are a few things you could do to make the process easier.


Get a Job/Start Volunteering

If you are young, look for a job to settle in a ‘normal’ social life. Nothing brings normalcy in life like having a job. Plus, it will help you replenish your financial reserves and get your mind off the RV lifestyle. If you are retired and are trying to settle down after enjoying a prolonged life on the roads, volunteering is the best for you. It will bring you back in the community and help you enjoy social mingling that you must have missed. You can pick whatever it is you like. It can be teaching the kids, maintaining the library or giving a hand in the hospital. There are lots of options. Choose according to your choice and watch time fly!

Take Up Sports

Adding sports to your daily schedule will not only keep you fit, but will also put a few hours of your day to good use. Choose one depending upon your interest and fitness level. You can also take up something new, something that you have never tried before. This will appeal to your ‘nomadic’ self that loves learning new things and experiences. Golfing, boating, fishing, and bocce are some of the nice options. If you are looking for more ‘action’, try tennis, biking or water aerobics.

Start a Business

How about putting your RV-ing experiences to good use and develop a business out of it? You may have learnt new things and picked up new skills while leading the RV lifestyle? It is time you share that knowledge with the world. You can do something as simple as starting a blog about your life experiences and monetize it. RV-ing enthusiasts might find it very useful. You can even start a small business out of your home. Maybe simple homemade products like cookies and cakes can be the first items you want to sell? Our recommendation is, start with something simple and small. Once your business idea takes flight, you can expand your business using the Internet exposure.

Go to Adult Camps

Adult camp setups are designed to help people learn new things while enjoying their time. So, if you are really missing your RV lifestyle, spending some time in these camps would help you to concentrate on new and interesting things.

Take Short Trips

Going back to a ‘settled’ life doesn’t mean you cannot travel any more. In fact, we suggest you should opt for short trips whenever you can. It doesn’t have to be a lavish affair or something packed with loads of adventure. Opt for anything that you like and have a nice time reconnecting with the outdoors. If you are on a budget, pick local places over the faraway destinations and make only a weekend plan.

Time and patience are the twin ingredients that you cannot ignore when making a transition from a full-time RV-ing lifestyle to a more settled alternative. While some RV-ers are happy the moment they sell the RV to one of the motor home buyers, others take time to embrace the new life, and that’s perfectly all right. Follow our tips and we hope that soon you will start loving your new life just the way you loved the RV-ing lifestyle.