Is graduation date fast approaching? Well, many students look forward to graduation as they finally earn a certificate to prove their prowess. You can eventually take a break from cramming for tests or having to attend lectures.

However, as we grow old, we experience changes in our ability to remember things. Some may associate it with loss of intellectual function or signs of dementia. But, aging isn’t the reason for significant memory loss.

Now that you are eagerly awaiting or have finally graduated and don’t need to worry about capstone project ideasyou still have to keep your mind active. Below are ways, how to:

1. Find ways to learn new things

Going through different examples of capstone projects would keep your brain active. Learning should be continuous, it doesn’t have to be about grades or credit. Challenge your mind by taking an educational course. It could be coding or even a fun class, e.g., photography.

Since building and preserving the connections in one’s brain is not a one-time process, you need to keep learning. It doesn’t matter even if it’s just pursuing your hobbies. It can function the same way.

2. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

After graduation, many put their focus on getting a job. The process can be frustrating, but you need to be able to keep things in perspective. Having a healthy body translates into a healthy mind.

Start exercising. It will help keep your mind sharp. Not to forget, you will also be in good shape. Who doesn’t want that?

3. Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities are suitable for both your personal and professional development. It is a chance to work in a field outside your area of practice. You learn a new skill and also expand your network.

Though the opportunity may take a few days or hours, you will be engrossed in the task at hand, and your mind will be engaged the whole time. It will also improve your moods. So, get out there and give a helping hand where you can.

4. Economize your brain by taking advantage of available resources

It is not uncommon for many of us to forget the most trivial of things, e.g., where you placed your pen. You might have been working on what is capstone project, had your pen in hand but aren’t able to find it. Economizing how you use your brain, helps you to concentrate on new and essential things.

Make use of calendars, file folders, planners, etc. Allocate a specified place where you store your keys, books, pens, etc.

5. Learn an instrument

Music is food for the soul. When you play an instrument, your synapses become active. It keeps your creative side, on toes. Some believe that when writing new music, you are improving your mathematical abilities.

Maybe you have wished to learn how to play the guitar. Sign up for lessons. Get your creative juices flowing.


Learning doesn’t start and end with paper. After graduation, you still need to keep your mind sharp. Follow that above tips and realize the potential of your brain.