Parents are the first and the most important teacher for their child. Support from parents is essential to help children perform well academically. When families and parents show interests in their child’s school  activities, the child do better and develop better feelings about school and towards academics.

But as children grow more independent with the changing trends, it becomes more challenging for parents to find out which situations demand direct  involvement and which are meant for behind the scenes approach.

There are several ways that parents can support their children’s activities and learning and help them to succeed throughout the whole year.  Here are ten ideas to get you prepared!

1.Meet your child’s teacher regularly:As soon as your child start going school, try to find new ways to meet your child’s teacher regularly. Talk with the teacher and let him/her know what you exactly want how you want to help your child learn. Clear your thoughts and share your concerns you have about your child with the  teacher. If problems are developing with your child, discuss them with the teacher. Ask the teacher to offer you some tips to develop a partnership with the child.

2.Visit your child’s school and its Website:Knowing the name and location of your child’s school is not enough. As a responsible parent, you should also have the  proper knowledge  and information about the layout of your child’s school ground and building. This helps you to connect well with your child when he/she discuss with you his/her school day. You should also  visit your child’s school website at least once in a week, as there you can find helpful information about :

  • Contacting school staff
  • School calendar
  • Special events and activities like class trips, picnics and dances
  • Schedule for clubs, sports etc and signup information

Special resources for both students and teachers are always available on school websites.

3.Help your child in homework:As a responsible parent, you can help your child with his/her homework. You can set a timetable for homework and remove distractions such as social calls, television shows, games during that time. In case, if you are working and  finding it  difficult to help your child with school projects and homework, you can find a tutor or someone else to help your child. You can contact tutoring groups, school programs groups and other libraries.

4.Know what the school offers:Go through the information school sends home, you can even ask them to send information in your native language. Discuss with other parents about the activities the school offers. Keep track of programs offered by the school throughout the whole year.

5.Learn about parent’s rights:As a parent, you should be aware about the rights the school offers you. Your child’s school offers some rights  that are applicable for parents right such as English instruction, rights regarding special services, immigration status and many more.

6.Ask questions:If you notice something that concerns you about your child’s behaviour, studying or learning, without giving a second thought, you should visit your child’s school and ask his/her teacher or principal about your concern and seek their advice.

7.Talk with your child:Listening to and talking with your child plays an important role in their school success. Being a parent, it is important to show your interest in what your child has to say. Conversation with your child offer ideas to stimulate language development in your child.

8.Encourage your child to use library:Libraries are considered as  the best place to learn and discover something valuable for almost everyone. Help your child to find out about such libraries and help him/her o set on the path to become an independent and excellent lerner.

9.Encourage active learning :Active learning involves solving problems, exploring interests, answering and asking questions,  Children needs both quiet and as well as active learning , which means doing both reading and homework. In order to promote active learning, listen you your child’s thoughts and ideas and respond to them.

10.Encourage your child to be responsible:Teach your child to be responsible. Taking responsibility of things and working independently are essential qualities for your child’s success.

If you will follow the  mentioned ways, you will definitely help your child succeed in elementary school.