Sequins leggings are a trend of this month especially because it is a holiday season or rather a time of celebrations and revelry. As the date of New Year’s Eve is coming closer, most women are looking for the right party outfit. Take a break from your usual one piece dresses as they are too old a trend now. Ring in the New Year this season with a pair of sequined best leggings. Whether you are going out clubbing with your friends or enjoying a house party at home, a pair of sequined leggings would do the trick. Here are some of the looks we recommend with sequined leggings.

#1 The Go-Shopping Look

Wear your sequins best leggings with a trendy pastel coloured blouse. Add a couple of winter wear accessories to your attire as this will keep you warm no matter where you are. When you are wearing a one piece dress, you usually go for black heels or pump shoes. However, keeping in mind the cool and peppy party spirit, you can choose red or navy blue heels. This look is perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.

#2 The Big Party Night Look

Another look would be to team your best leggings with an oversized blazer. Add some jewellery like a pair of earrings or a bracelet to enhance your look. You must be thinking that jewellery may conflict with the shine of your sequins. That’s not true as the effect of the sequins is too tiny as compared to a piece of jewellery. On formal occasions, you can wear a black blazer along with your sequins leggings. Similarly, go for a red blazer as it looks great on a casual outing. Add a bag or clutch to your look and you are good to go.

5 Trendy Looks You Can Try In Sequined Leggings

#3 House Parties

Finally the last look is ideal for house parties and cosy dinners. Pair your best leggings with a little loose sweater. Make sure your sweater or cardigan is not too loose. Wear a designer necklace along with a pair of heels to complete the look.

#4 Outings

On just another chilling day of winter, you can go for an all pastels look by wearing a pair of golden sequined leggings along with a peach top and a long fur jacket. Don’t forget to add a handbag to your look. This look is ideal during casual outings with your friends.

#5 Casual Look

This look has the perfect blend of prints and patterns. Balance your sequins look along with something toned down. Go for a full sleeves cardigan and long heels to add an element to your look. Check out this page for inspiration.

#6 Celebrations at Home

If you are visiting a friend’s place for a party or celebration, you can simply wear a black tee along with sequins leggings. The right balance of colours can perfectly enhance your look without making you look like a clown. Also wear heels to complete the look.

#7 All Black Look

If you don’t think you can pull off any coloured best leggings, you can simply stick to basic black coloured leggings. Black sequins leggings are probably the tougher to style than coloured leggings. If you want to sport a raw image, you wear sequined leggings in colours. However, if you cannot think beyond black, opt for black sequins leggings. You can either wear a long formal shirt and heels or a satin blouse along with a jacket and heels to complete the look.