Have you just begun the planning for your next travel trip? Are you planning a big fat business trip abroad along with your colleagues? Travel without appropriate planning is truly futile. Whether you are planning to go by the road or through the skies, you will always need a professional travel planner who can manage your budget, stay, food and lot more. Gone are the times when people used to go searching for a good travel agency that can plan their itinerary for the travel – business or personal vacation. In this era of digitisation, you need something super fast that can work for you when you seriously lack time. We have brought these five selected travel planner apps for you which can keep your business trips highly organized and systematic.

You might need to keep a track of your travel route which is a new venture for you, or you might want to stay in touch with your colleagues in far away foreign lands. These apps will make it all very simple and organized for you.

  1. Concur

If you want to keep a track of your travel expenses then there is nothing better than this app Concur. You no longer have to keep collecting the receipts of all the expenses incurred on your trip. We know that you need to get the expenses reimburse when you return from your business trip. Therefore we are suggesting you this app. You can easily save the snapshots of all your receipts in this app. What if you miss out on adding some receipts? Concur lets you add the data from your credit or debit card and thus it will make sure that you do not miss any reimbursement.

  1. GateGuru

Getting late for a flight to a business trip can cost you your job and we are sure you do not want to risk your precious job. So the next time you are caught up in the airport you can use this smart app. Using GateGuru you can navigate through the airport easily. It will also tell you the wait times at the airport security checks, so you can manage your time accordingly. Also, if you are not carrying the food with you this app will also show you the restaurants and cafes that fall on your way inside the airport.

  1. Tripit

Using this app you can track the flight information very easily. You can also share your itinerary with your colleagues on the same trip. Tripit also allows you to manage your calendar events with ease. This is a one in all app as it also provides you the crucial weather alerts along with providing a basic expense calculating tool.

  1. Skype

This app allows you to make an audio or a video call while travelling. You can easily connect to your colleagues anytime anywhere. This app can be quite crucial while you are on your business trip so install it as soon as possible. Also, of your flight runs late you can attend the meetings through Skype. Isn’t it amazing? With Skype on your phone you will not miss out on anything.

  1. Instarem

This is the best international money transfer app that will help you transfer money even when you are on the go or in some other country. While you are on your business trip you can still pay the important bills back home and pay for your child’s education from a foreign land. You just need to use Instarem, the best international money transfer app.