Civil Service is one of the most prestigious career options in India. Every year, almost eight lakhs aspirants apply for the civil service examination to become an IAS, IFS, IPS or other Civil Service officers in India. Some students have ample time to prepare for the examination with full dedication while others have a limited time due to their other commitments like a job or regular classes. However, with correct planning and efforts, you can easily overcome these problems. Here are five tips to help you successfully crack the most difficult examination with top ranks.

  1. Thorough with the Syllabus & previous years question papers

The initial step in the preparation process is to have a proper understanding of the syllabus and previous years question papers. It will help you to know; what to cover and how to cover the subjects. Moreover, to know what to read you can consult those books which are suggested by the selected candidates or you can visit our website where reference book lists are given.

  1. Choose your Optional Subject

A student has to prepare for an Optional Subject and written as part of the Main exam. Deciding on an optional subject is an important decision to boost your marks. The parameters of decision would be the interest, scoring trend, coaching & material availability and syllabus of the subject for the Civil Services exam. Decide and prepare for the Optional Subject before you appear for the Prelim Exam, as there is not enough time to prepare for it post Prelim exam.

  1. Make Study plan for proper time management

After initial familiarization of the syllabus, you can now make a study plan according to your convenience. However, you can consider these points while making your plan.

  • Write down the subjects you need to cover.
  • Preparation for Prelim and Main exam, should be simultaneously.
  • The best way of preparation is to cover the Main syllabus before the preliminary examination.
  • Time allotment for each subject must be in accordance to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Day wise, week wise and then month wise strategy needs to be chalked out.
  • Your study plan must have sufficient breaks to rejuvenate your mind for the next task.
  • Give enough time for revision and test.

The above points will help you make a good study plan so that you can monitor your preparation, it will also help you to minimize your exam related stress and anxiety.

  1. Work smart not just hard

Hard work is the key to success in the IAS examination. However, you can cut down on some of the hard work with smart work. IAS exam is not like the normal exams where you have to cram the things to get good marks. The exam focuses on the application of the theories in real life, which is possible with right understanding of concepts with clarity. Smart work here is selective study, time management and taking mock tests. You can save a lot of time on finding the things by keeping all the important things like newspapers, books handy and reading them while traveling. At the same time, if you make notes, then it will surely help you to revise quickly before the examination.

  1. Make Notes

The volume of study material, newspapers, journals, books and other material is large. The amount of knowledge that disseminates from this is also massive. Preparation for notes after studying the material is very important. It is better to make notes for self study and revision later. It is hard for any student to qualify for this exam without the habit of notes preparation.

  1. Test yourself regularly

Regular evaluation is essential to check how much you have learned and which areas need more focus. You can easily find IAS Mains test series online or approach the coaching center for the same to test you. As you complete a subject, take a mock test to evaluate yourself. Regular mock tests will also help you make strategies to save time during the exam and help you attempt the questions with the right techniques. When you are equipped with the right techniques, you feel confident while entering the examination hall.

  1. Have confidence in yourself

Whether it is your first attempt or you are a veteran, just have confidence in yourself and shoot the aim. Focus and determination are the success mantras for IAS exam.

Keep persisting with your hard work and results will eventually follow. Good results will help you to stay motivated and work harder. Ultimately, this is the approach, which every successful candidate has followed to qualify, so why not you?

These are just a few major tips to help you prepare well for the IAS exam and realize your dream of serving the country. You can also join a good coaching center like Vajiram & Ravi for civil services and IAS exam preparation. At Vajiram & Ravi, they not only impart the required knowledge, but also the right kind of attitude within you to qualify the exam. It is evident from the fact that since its inception they have helped over 5000 students to enter the Civil Services. Every year some of our students have secured positions amongst the top ten successful candidates. Our experienced faculty can guide you well and help you make the most of the limited time you have for the exam preparation.